Everyone go vote for Kat Graham In the 2014 teen choice awards. She has been nominated in the Actress Fantasy/sci-fi category along with co-stars Nina and Claire. All of us here have so much love for Kat and look up to her as an actress and a person. She seriously deserves this. Kat is such a talented actress and such a beautiful person. Everyone go vote!! Nina has won in this category for the past 5 years. Everyone go vote for Kat! Vote everyday.

Lets make this happen

How can so many people call Kat’s acting weak or “shitty”? Have they Seen her do an emotional scene!!!?
Kat Graham is one of the VERY BEST on screen criers that I have Ever seen!!!
She is ALWAYS able to produce huge, rolling tears.
Just watch any one of these scenes:
- Bonnie and Jeremy/Silas dancing at prom
- Bonnie saying goodbye to Jeremy in the season 4 finale
- Bonnie talking to Liv about the other side
- Bonnie crying her heart out over Jeremy’s dead body in the season 2 finale
I mean, dislike the girl if you want, that’s fine. Despise her character if you so choose, whatever. Hate her having so many scenes with Ian, that’s cool. Resent any “ship” that Bonnie’s involved with, it’s your call.
But don’t call her a bad actress.
Give credit where credit is due.