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a brand-spanking-new network for those few nerds who are still into katekyo hitman reborn

rules before applying: 

  1. must be following me
  2. fill out this fun little application form to apply. it’ll only take a couple minutes i promise (and its cool, trust me)
  3. reblog this post - only reblogs will count! likes are for bookmarking only!
  4. must like and blog a fair amount of khr (duh)


  1. you get a cool group of cool ppl to associate urself with 
  2. people to discuss khr with!
  3. a skype group for everyone in the network to chat and stuff
  4. nice people to reblog your selfies and your art and send u messages
  5. make new friends!!!!!!!!!
  6. more followers!!

rules for after you’ve been accepted:

  1. put the badge & link to the network page somewhere on your blog (it doesnt have to be on the main page, but it has to be easily accessible)
  2. you must follow everyone else in the network
  3. follow the network blog

other info:

  1. there is room for 25 people in the network as it stands right now.
  2. i’ll be starting to choose and add members to the network blog on march 1rst
  3. i’m looking for someone else to help me admin - send me a message for more details if you’re interested!
  4. if you have any questions, shoot me an ask!


  1. logo graphic made by me. background from here; image from official khr art. 
  2. crappy pixel badge thing made by me 
Even if we're separated, our hands are still connected,
In the shining smiles that I want to protect,
(守りたい笑顔 眩しさに)
We that stand out
Are family, family
(そう ファミリー ファミリー)

To the Promised Land (約束の場所へ) - The Vongola Famiglia

katekyo hitman reborn handwriting
vongola x | download this font pack here


And to top off everyone’s April Fools day, how ‘bout this absolutely PERFECT SNK x KHR parody?


happy birthday loser tsuna! ♡  → october 14
You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.


My kindness, is not weakness.
My confidence is not arrogance.
My tough shell is easily broken.
My light heart is also sincere.
My innocence is not ignorance.
My compassion, spreads hope.
My bravery, is never foolish.
My weakness is my strength.
My past, does not define me.
My mistakes, can only make me stronger.
My life, is not a game.
My calm hides a storm.

Inspired by x.