Hello guy, as the first edition of Less-loved characters Sleepover seemed to be fun for a lot of persons, I’ll open it again this weekend, however, the awesome Admin Dee from @polycanons will participate as a guest here throughout the event. You can feel free to ask a special admin to answer your requests, we both understand you can prefer one or the other admin’s way to write and treat requests! [I’ll be admin Chiwa]

I’ll  not going give you a specific list, it really could be anyone, from the Vongola with Ryohei or Lambo, to the Varia with Levi and Lussuria and what about Millefiore? Bluebell and Zakuro, don’t forget Ken and Chikusa as well as Spanner and Shoichi, ALL OF WOMEN, Lancia and Gamma, Nozaru and Tazaru even those lovely Basil and Kusakabe! Let your heart goes boom for all of them just during three days and learn to know them, because they can be pretty fun too.
I’m waiting for you to ask for or share your drabble, scenario, headcanon, EVERYTHING, really, to show them some love!
Last time, we had some wonderful submissions whether by some Anon, @samantha-girlscout, @reborn-imagines and from admin Dee, so don’t be shy and send us some stuff, it can be domestic, relationship, fluff, Nsfw, hcs or quick scenarios/ reactions and if you need some ideas here is a list of things’ll wrok on;

- Send a character name only, with a mood or a word and you’ll get a random headcanon about him.

- Room Headcanons you can find the description here

- A list of prompts is available just under the cut at the end of this post for little scenarios or you can send your own idea in the box with your character of course ~

- Admin Dee’ll host a special «Fanmixes»! Just ask for a general fanmix with a character and she’ll give you some songs relating to them!

- Flame Match-up! Send in your description and we’ll give your Flame Type

- FMK, Would you rather…but only with less-loved characters.

- Want to know your admins better, talk about something? Even if it’s not KHR! relative we’ll be here all of our four ears open

Don’t forget to share your tiniest thoughts about them, the event will be open on Friday 26th August, Thank you!

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Even if we're separated, our hands are still connected,
In the shining smiles that I want to protect,
(守りたい笑顔 眩しさに)
We that stand out
Are family, family
(そう ファミリー ファミリー)

To the Promised Land (約束の場所へ) - The Vongola Famiglia

happy birthday loser tsuna! ♡  → october 14
You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.

katekyo hitman reborn handwriting
vongola x | download this font pack here


My kindness, is not weakness.
My confidence is not arrogance.
My tough shell is easily broken.
My light heart is also sincere.
My innocence is not ignorance.
My compassion, spreads hope.
My bravery, is never foolish.
My weakness is my strength.
My past, does not define me.
My mistakes, can only make me stronger.
My life, is not a game.
My calm hides a storm.

Inspired by x.