I had to do it, Saul. I had to. It was all for you. And I want you to know that I would’ve done anything to save you. I got you out of detention, Saul. It was me. I got you out. I went to see them. The Cylons. Finally got to the one in charge. And I got him to notice me the way men notice me. I slept with him. I felt like puking every time he put his filthy hands on me. But I smiled and I faked it to save you, Saul. But you listen to me. I’d do it again. Frak anybody, do anything, even give them the map. I didn’t want anybody to be killed. - Ellen Tigh

So I’m just through viewing the BSG panel at this year’s Dragon Con… and I’m… speechless. Listening to the cast share their on-set stories and memories of their space!family with the room is so powerful, so poignant, that I found myself getting nostalgic, homesick, for something I never even had!

I loved hearing Mary re-telling ‘that story’ of her last take and how she used to get lost on set for the first 2 months if no one was around to direct her; and Tricia sharing how 'Hogan’ (I love how they all call him that) made the crew shoot her coverage of Caprica!Six’s miscarriage first because he saw she that was feeling the emotion of that scene, he saw her, and that she couldn’t hold on; and Kate, oh Kate, tearing up when recounting her first day on set because Mary waved at her in passing and EJO gave her a hug…

That’s my space!family, man. That’s my cast. That’s my frakking show.