imagine clone club at pride though:

  • cosima wearing the lesbian flag and delphine wearing the bisexual flag holding hands and kissing like 24/7 (“would you two get a room?” “sarah it’s pride and i will kiss my girlfriend as much as i like” “i’m joking, cos”)
  • felix with rainbow glitter makeup!!!!!! looking like a total badass!!! felix making alison wear a rainbow shirt (she pretends she doesn’t like it but she secretly Loves it)
  • sarah wearing bi pride bracelets!!!
  • helena steals felix’s rainbow glitter and covers herself in it (“this i like”)
  • helena meets tony for the first time and, to everyone’s surprise, they totally get along
  • alison bakes everyone pride flag cupcakes!!!!!!! (she has to ask cosima about the colours beforehand so she makes sure she gets them all right)
  • tony explains to alison the difference between bi and pan 
  • tony and cosima totally get high together