Kate Bishop Cosplay


“Slow day for crime-fighting, eh, bossman?”

“… I’ve seen worse.”

Photography | Myself as Kate, Adam as Clint (No Tumblr)
These are some of our favourite cosplays to wear and be recognised in. Because if you read Fraction’s Hawkeye, you’re automatically cool and we need to be bros. Like, now.


Kate Bishop beach selfies/outfit check. Other beach pics!
(Aka I just found these and look at how sunburned I was)


This is the Kate Bishop collaboration that no one asked for but was created anyway. 

Sadly, Robert-is-me and Madcorvus did not spend the day at various locations with amazing lighting. 

They went to Madcorvus’ backyard where Robert spent most of his time telling Madcorvus not to laugh.

It was soon discovered that Madcorvus can’t jump and look cool. Neither can Robert.

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