This is one of this days were my mind flies to TommyKate all over again, and I was working with some photos and just thought ‘why not?’.

So here you have two (not really good) aesthetics from one of the biggest otp’s marvel gave me.

{I chose them as FC’s because they’re always the firsts who come to my mind when I think about real life Kate and Tommy.}

Hope you like them <3

this is all for you, parabatai; @hawkeyetbh


so I am just curious, Kate says (she has not spoken in an hour, not that this is unusual, hawkeyes believe in the companionable silence of the First Caffeine of the Day)

is it always like this.  bullshit and bruises

–bullet holes– (Clint’s leg really hurts)

and magic, and bullshit,

—that was bullshit twice—

just in general a life for which there is never and will never be enough fucking coffee the morning after?

pretty much, Clint says

… well right on then.  we are out of coffee.

—bullet hole, Clint says.  stairs.  (Clint is not in the mood for stairs.  stairs are not much fun with four good legs, they’re just plain fuckery with two good, one dodgy and one with a bullet hole.) Simone?

Simooooooone. <3