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I know you're probably fed up of this now but do you think doubles were used so Stana and Nathan didn't have to be naked together (however they created the silhouettes)?

No, I’m not fed up if you are sending me a legitimate question. If you come in my inbox just to complain about the crew sabotaging the show or some other nonsense, that’s when I get annoyed. 

Now, to answer your question: First of all, no one was actually naked. Stana’s double was either wearing a swimsuit or a nude bra, and I’m sure Nathan’s double, at the minimum was wearing some sort of bottoms. This isn’t HBO or Cinemax (technically, Skinemax) where the actors are naked to show off breasts, butts and all that stuff. On network television, even when filming sex scenes, the actors usually are wearing modesty pieces that are skin colored. It’s not so much to protect the fans (because you aren’t gonna get shown those covered parts on network tv) as to preserve some modesty for the actors while among co-stars and the crew. 

There’s no ulterior motive in putting the doubles in that scene versus Stana and Nathan. No giant conspiracy about how they hate one another and wouldn’t film together (already seen some posts to that effect). Filming that scene in a silhouette would be far less intimate than the makeout scene between Castle and Beckett in Clear and Present Danger. 

They used the doubles because it’s one fewer shot that their leads have to spend a couple hours doing, one less thing they have to rehearse in a day full of scenes to film. Typically on a show like Castle, if you don’t need to see the actors face or body outright, they use a double. All those shots of them reaching for a coffee mug, a piece of paper, the exchanging of rings in the wedding - not filmed by Nathan and Stana. That’s done by the insert crew once principal photography has wrapped on an episode and, in the case of the shower scene, they used stand ins so that Nathan and Stana could work on something else or, maybe, just get home at a reasonable hour. 

Mommy's Helper

"Mommy what are you doing?" 6 year old Katie asked as she climbed into the chair next to her mom.

"I’m working."

She huffed and rolled her eyes, “I know that.”

"What did I tell you about rolling your eyes?" Johanna scorned.

They were attempting to break her eye rolling habit but it seemed it was going to be a lot harder than they originally thought.

She looked down and frowned. “Sorry.”

Johanna kissed the top of her daughters head. “I’m going over some papers for trial tomorrow”

"Can I help?"

Johanna rifled through the papers scattered across the table. “Here every time you see this number I want you to highlight it.”

"This number?" Kate asked, pointing to the paper.

"Yes, you think you can do that?"

She stopped herself from rolling her eyes and nodded.

They hummed their own tune as they worked.

"What’s going on here?" Jim asked.

Katie looked up with a big smile across her face. “Daddy look I’m helping!”

"I see that. How come you never help me?"

"Your work is boring." She stated as if it was the most obvious answer.

"I do the same thing as your mom does!"

Katie shrugged, “Hers is just more fun.”

Johanna gave him an apologetic smile and shrugged then they both went back to work humming their tune.


"Hello two of my favorite girls." Castle greeted as he walked in.

Kate met him with a smile while their daughter met him with her own skeptical look.

"Who’s your other favorites?"

"Grams and Alexis of course."

She looked at him for a minute before nodding in acceptance of his answer.

"What are you doing?" He asked peering down at the papers on the table.

"I’m helping mom with her case!"

His eyes lit up “Oooh a new case? Need an extra brain?”

"No." Audrey stated without looking up.

He gaped at her, “Why not?”

"I’m mommy’s helper not you."

He looked to Beckett for help but all she gave him was an apologetic smile and a shrug.

He walked away defeated. Kate’s pretty sure she heard him muttering something about being replaced and how he used to be mommy’s helper.