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i love both GoT and SLBP, so i thought “why not combine the two?” anyhow, this is what i came up with (and hopefully tumblr doesn’t jack up the quality)!! idk if there are any SLBP fans who like GoT but oh well lmao

featuring: the clans of SLBP reimagined as GoT houses! i took the liberty of making the house sayings myself, i hope you guys don’t mind;;

edit: i fixed House Oda’s and House Maeda’s sayings because the formatting was kinda off;;

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove (yELL HEAH thank you for the GoT cc files!!)

Voltage vs Reality


What voltage says: Cold and ruthless, Lord of Hell.
Reality: Loves sweets. Gets mad when a dog ignores him. 


What voltage says: Kind as hell. Perfect samurai.
Reality: The mom friend, and full of sin. Kind of sadistic too.


What voltage says: women are his weakness.
Reality: *random woman touches his hand* GAHHHH?! *blushes*. Thought you could get pregnant by kissing.


What voltage says: Cold, no feelings, capricious heart.
Reality: ANGST. Savage. Wrote a love guide for Yukimura.


What voltage says: Reserved, cold, trusts no one.
Reality: Cinnamon roll. Knows nothing about relationships. Loves food and cooking. Affectionate. So cute makes you want to squish him.


What voltage says: trustworthy and dependable.
Reality: His room is a mess. His life is a mess. Has a pet but can’t even take care of himself. Names everything Bontenmaru. Could poison you by accident with his cooking.

Samurai Love Ballad Party Japanese Cast

So, because i really have nulife-kidding- i decided to googling japanese actor/singer/va that will potray our lords visual based from their face at this particular photos. If you doesn’t agree with my choice, it’s okay but please don’t bashed it. Thank you. .

So here we go

Kazuya Kamenashi as Nobunaga Oda

Yuu Shirota as Mitsuhide Akechi

Satoshi Tsumabuki as Yukimura Sanada

Just look at his smile. How could you said that isn’t so YUKIMURA-ish?

Narimiya Hiroki as Saizo Kirigakure

Yamashita Tomohisa as Masamune Date

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Kojuro Katakura

Ninomiya Kazunari as Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Yamada Takayuki as Maeda Toshiie

Yamada Ryosuke as Ieyasu Tokugawa

Kanata Hongo as Mitsunari Ishida

Miura Haruma as Kenshin Uesugi

Nagashi Tomoya as Takeda Shingen

It’s just my own opinion. But if you have another opinions, feel free to share it with me.

But i will not agree with anything that said TAKESHI KANESHIRO IS NOT DADDY-KOJURO because HE’S 100% HIM!


I just wanna share some of the screenshots from Tenka promotional video.

Okay. The last one. Saizo for everyone. ( ˙-˙ )

You can watch the video from this link.

Sengoku Basara in a Nutshell:
  • Masamune: PAAAAAAAARTY!!!!!!!
  • Yukimura: OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Sasuke: DANNAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Toshiie: MATSU!!
  • Matsu: TOSHIIE-SAMA!!
  • Keiji & Xavi: LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Kenshin: BISHAMONTEN!!!!!
  • Nobunaga: CONQUEST!!!
  • Nohime & Ranmaru: NOBUNAGA-SAMAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Mitsuhide: *insert orgasm noises here*/SLAUGHTER!!!!
  • Katsuie: OICHIIII!!!!!!
  • Nagamasa: JUSTICEEEEEEE!!!!
  • Maria: *insert noblewoman/bitch laugh here*
  • Tadakatsu: *insert mechanical noises here*
  • Hideyoshi: WEAK!!!
  • Yoshitsugu: MISERY !!!!
  • Motochika: NAKAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Tsuruhime: TWILIGHT NINJAAAAA!!!!
  • Shikanosuke: OYASSAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!
  • Sorin: XAVI-SAMAAAAA!!!!
  • Muneshige: SORIN-SAMAAAA!!!!
  • Hisahide: COLLECTION!!!
  • Yoshiteru: TOMO YOOO!!!!
  • Hideaki: I'M SORRRRYYYYY!!!!!!
  • Naotora: FEMINIIIIISSSMMMM!!!!!!
  • Matabe: HOW DARE YOUUUUUU !!!!!!
  • Kotaro: .......
Mobile Masterpost (Revised Edition)

FRESHLY UPDATED ON 07/21/2018 (So you can all hold me accountable)

Please let me know if there are errors (I expect them, as always)

A Note: This is a different style from my previous mobile masterpost. I feel like this might be easier to understand, and it was suggested to me. So I hope y’all feel similarly.

Samurai Love Ballad Party:

Miscellaneous Head-canons:

MC gets catcalled in public

Stolen Kisses


Kissing Tropes I

Kissing Tropes II

Lords holding their children for the first time (Mitsuhide, Saizo, Kojuro, Ieyasu, Saizo, Masamune)

Lords holding their kids for the first time part II

Lords and MC cooking together.

MC death by childbirth HC

Jealous Lords HC

Quality Time with MC HC

Making Out with the Lords

Yukimura & Hideyoshi Makeout HC

Sanada Yukimura:

What happens at a feast (Yukimura x MC)

How you make me feel (Yukimura x MC SMUT)

Kissing Prompt

Kirigakure Saizo:

Cherry Blossoms in Bloom (Saizo x MC SMUT)

Willows (Au Saizo/MC)

A Stolen Moment

Tokugawa Ieyasu:

Unexpected (Ieyasu/MC) (tw, pregnancy)

Our Loss (Ieyasu x MC) (tw, pregnancy, miscarriage)

Healing (Ieyasu/ MC) (tw: pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth)

Finally Snapping (Ieyasu/ MC)

Birthday Gifts (Ieyasu x MC SMUT)

Angsty Ieyasu HC

Fluffy Ieyasu HC

“Could you be Happy Here” (Ieyasu/MC)

Winter Chill

Warm in Your Arms (SMUT)

Kissing Prompt

Katakura Kojuro:

The Dragon’s Claw (Kojuro x MC)

Kojuro x MC Smut HC

Innocently Enough (SMUT)

Ishida Mitsunari:

The Worst (Mitsunari x MC)

MC teases Mitsun

Keeping Warm (Mitsunari x MC SMUT)

Self-Doubt (Mistunari x MC drabble)

Oda Nobunaga:

Thoughts (Nobunaga/MC)

Hot (Nobunaga/ MC)

Fire (Nobunaga/ MC)

Watching (Nobunaga/ MC)

Fuma Kotaro:

A Day Out (Fuma Kotaro/MC)

Fuma Kotaro Smut HC

Fuma Kotaro HC

Toyotomi Hideyoshi:

Hideyoshi Drabble

Maeda Toshiie:
Inuchiyo drabble

Date Shigezane:

Any Place on Earth (Shigezane/MC)

Kirigakure Hotaru:

Hotaru Kirigakure HC

Stars (Hotaru/MC drabble)


Uesugi Kenshin
Cornflower Blue (SMUT)

Toramatsu HCs (nsfw)


Kiyohiro HCs (nsfw)

Naoe Kanetsugu:

Flower Crowns



Oda Oichi:

Matters of Duty

COLLEGE (Modern) AU:

Miscellaneous HC

Which Lords Prefer Pineapple Pizza HC

College AU Lords Headcanon

Kenshin, Shingen headcanon

Kotaro and Hotaru HC

Lords And Modern Fashion Part I

Lords and Modern Fashion Part II


The Lords AFTER College HC

Tokugawa Ieyasu:

I’ve made a Mistake (Ch 1) Ieyasu x MC

I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch 2)

I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch 3)

I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch 4)

I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch 5)

I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch 6)

Quiet Afternoons

One Wrong Turn


A Touch of Gray (Soulmate AU)

Interesting (smut-ish)

Kirigakure Saizo:

Important Lessons (Saizo x MC Smut)

Important Lessons (Ch 2)

Important Lessons (Ch. 3)

Important Lessons (Ch. 4)

Important Lessons (Ch. 5)

Important Lessons (Ch. 6) COMPLETED

That Would be Enough (Important Lessons Epilogue)

Snap Shots (Saizo x MC)

Gift Giving (Saizo x MC)

Saizo’s Winter HCs

Christmas Wish

Locked Doors and Cookies

Missed You More

Oda Nobunaga:

Faking It (Nobunaga/MC SMUT)

Katakura Kojuro:

Messy (Kojuro/MC)

Kojuro Online Dating HC

Ishida Mitsunari

Hot SHower (Mitsunari/MC SMUT)

Library Days (Mitsunari/MC)

Christmas Cheer


Fixing our Mistakes (Smut)

Just a Little Text

Date Shigezane:

Date Shigezane Headcanon (continued)

One Last Shot


Overworked (SMUT)

Sanada Nobuyuki:

Sanada Nobuyuki Headcanon

Maeda Toshiie:

Inuchiyo College HC

The Puppy Situation

A night in (Inuchiyo/MC SMUT)

Just like the Movies (Inuchiyo/MC fluff)

Domesticity (Inychiyo/MC fluff)

A Little Heat (SMUT)

Collared (slight NSFW)

Kissing Prompt

Oda Oichi:

Wedding Dresses (Oichi/Katsuie)

Kissing (Oichi/Yukimura)

Naoe Kanetsugu:

Job Transfers (SMUT)

The Shoes We try to Fill

Morning Routine

Sweetest Colors (Soulmate AU)

Uesugi Kenshin:

A Little too much Christmas Spirit

Kingfisher (FAIRYTALE AU)

Sanada Yukimura:

Snow Days

Kakizaki Kageie:


Toyotomi Hideyoshi:

I’m so Sorry but-


The red string (Ch1) (Okita Soji/MC)

The Red String (Ch 2)

The Red String (Ch 3)

The Red String (Ch.4)

The Red String (Ch.5)

The Red String (Ch 6)

The Red String (Ch 7 FINALE)


Lead me (V/MC)

Harvest Moon:

Yuzuki Drabble