Using magic stick, old men will transform into cute magical girls! ….Or not!?

“Grandfather, please become a magical girl!”

For the sake of fulfilling his granddaughter Ayaka’s cute wish, Yoshikawa Satoshi, the 2nd company manager of Yoshikawa Factory, decided to form a magical girls squad.

People who are dragged into his plan are a deadwood employee with 33 years work experience in the factory - Iida Shuntarou, an employee who joined the company mid-way - Soejima Ryouta, a skilled salesman - Katada Naosuke, and a business partner - Inoue Haruka.

When the five of them obtained “the magic stone” –the souvenirs from Istanbul given by Katada, even though their face, body, and age don’t change, their clothes change into magical girl’s costumes!?

“Magical Middle-Aged Men Ojimajo 5”
This is a story about 5 middle aged men who transforms into magical girls with an old men appearances…


Takagi Toranosuke Tadakatsu Slaying Demon in Cave, from the series Beauty and Valor in the Novel Suikoden (Biyū suikoden)

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Japanese, 1839 - 1892. Engraved by Katada Chōjirō, Buneidō. Published by Kinkyū.

Made in Japan,Edo Period (1615-1868)


Color woodcut

Philadelphia Museum of Art