Everyone has a different color. Everyone has a different pallette and texture. This one guy I kissed was like soap, too slick and fish like. His color pallette was this awful yellowish green. It was really unpleasant and too squishy. This other was trying too hard. It was like a strange red and dark green and black with layers. It wasn’t terrible but not my kind of colors. The most pleasant colors are orange and grey with some lime green. The texture is a bit velvet and very interesting. That was the boy I was in love with but never kissed. His colors were always beautiful. And his smell was deep scarlet with hues of vibrant aquamarine. My tears taste like lavendar and feel like ripples. All of my friends have there own personal color pallettes. My friend Kats car smells like hues of violet and lilac. She is very purple. With hints of orange and brown. My mothers name is this red and evergreen. Very feminine but with a strength. Like her character. It has a petal like texture and her hugs are almost ice blue with a magenta undertone. Constrained but warm. My father is green, red and orange. Childlike but stable. He’s playful like orange but deep like red. He is very earthy and the texture is almost like stone. Days of the week are colored to a T, I never forget. Mondays are blue, Tuesdays are green like summer and July. Wednesday is this dandelion yellow, Thursday is shimmering magenta purple almost like witchcraft and Sagittarius, and Friday is simply pink like a petunia. Saturday is reddish orange and Sunday is gold. Purely gold, like how I feel when I’m laying beneath the sun.

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Kat would you get jealous if you saw Seryn giving attention to someone else?

“Jealous? Why should I be jealous? Seryn is a lovely little bird who deserved all the attention he craves from whatever individuals…Although if it were an issue of someone taking…all of his attention…well…”


tell myself i couldn’t care less. what you’re doing, if you’re a mess. I aint trying for you, i put you to rest. for a reason staying strong is my test. baby, you thought you had me. in a way you did. I realized you aint shiit. now i dont need you, i can confess, its for a reason, this is my test.

Kat Dahlia (Kat Hue) - Lose You


It’s for a reason. This is my test.