Doonagore Castle, Ireland

Doonagore Castle is Doolin’s iconic tower house castle on the hill just behind Sea View House overlooking Doolin Point. It is a round 16th-century tower house with a small walled enclosure located about 1 km above the village of Doolin.
The castle was built around 1500 although an earlier castle stood on the site since the 1300s. It was built by Teige MacTurlough O’Conner and was in possession of Sir Turlough O’Brien in 1584.

Örebro slott, Sverige

(Orebro Castle, Sweden)

Örebro Castle is a medieval castle fortification in Örebro, Närke, Sweden. It was expanded during the reign of the royal family Vasa (House of Vasa) and finally rebuilt about 1900. The castle lies on an island in river Svartån.
For over 700 years Örebro Castle has kept a watchful eye on everyone crossing the bridge on the River Svartån. The oldest part of the castle, a defence tower, was erected in the latter half of the 13th century.

© Robin Attrill

Château des Milandes, République française

(Castle of Milandes, France)

In 1489, François de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, a fortress a little further along the valley, built the Milandes castle, at his wife, Claude De Cardaillac’s request as she was depressed by the austere atmosphere of the Castelnaud castle. Les Milandes, or Mirandes as it used to be pronounced referring to its site which has a delightful view over the valley, was thus used as the permanent, and preferred, residence of the De Caumont family until 1535, at which time it became their second home, due, mainly to the fact that they were spending more and more time at the Court of Versailles.

© Francis Cormon