At first I didn’t like this guy, but now I’ve started to have a crush on him (especially on his looks! he is so freaking sexy!). Also I did a different style of coloring.

So, what do you think? Should I make more drawings like this or should I give up?

animeolgy  asked:

Can please have headcanons for Cassim, Judar, and Alibaba weddings?


  • As long as he has peaches he’d be fine with any decorations his lover decides on. 
  • Although, he’d be secretly giving them suggestions if he finds anything particular he wants. 
  • He’d want a small wedding with not so many people this day is about him after all, especially with no Gyokuen. 
  • By the end of the day, he’d just be happy to be married, even if he won’t say it.


  • He’d be too busy caring about every intricate detail to worry about anything else. After all, he wants the best and only the best for his lover. 
  • He’d want to invite every single one of his friends to the occasion, he might even want to have it in Balbadd as it is his home country. 
  • This poor boy would probably forget something very important and not even notice it till the last second, like the rings.
  • And of course, Aladdin would be his best man.


  • He doesn’t have much, but he will try his best to provide anything his lover wants. 
  • In the end, it would be with the entire fog troupe next to the tree where Mariam was buried so she could be there in spirit.
  • He would never admit but he cried as they said their vows and I do’s. 
  • That moment would be better than anything in the world, he could never ask for anything more perfect.