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About Halloween in Llanview

taken from “The Real Todd Manning Blog

Thanks to One Life to Live for today!!!

First, perfection is achieved in Roger Howarth’s “Beast” costume, which he rocks like a rock star, and lifts the face off to reveal that gorgeous, smiling prince underneath.  Don’t kid yourself; the writers KNOW what they are doing here!  Historically, the “Beast” in that fairytale had a wolf head!  After the Beauty and the Beast references from the 90s that began with Addie Cramer and Todd and Blair, and landed in Llanview this year with Hope (Blair overhearing), his costume could not have been better.   Beyond that, it’s symbolically perfect, following his “who says this one’s over” in response to Blair’s “I thought fairytales are supposed to have happy endings?” during the cabin scenes.

Conversation and innuendo ensue….“You have the best candy” and “I’m not going to get any sugar from your bowl?"  Roger could not be sexier or more vulnerable at the same time.

Sam, "Scarface” and Victor talk - on the money!  Blair and Todd parenting together, always worked on some level.

He gets invited to go trick or treating and jumps at the chance, makes fun of Blair, “go throw a costume on."  Mentions that SAM is her little boy too, total opposite of his reactions in the past to both Patrick’s and Max’s children (or the prospect of).   This scene is also accompanied by one of the instrumental musical themes from the 2000s!!  My heart was a flutter, thinking we possibly might get MORE of their themes over time.  Please God, send me the tinkling music I always loved from their scenes, and the stable sex theme if you can throw that in.

Talks to/flirts with pumpkin, and says the real words that we KNOW are there and need to also hear:  "I love you Blair, I always have, and I want you back."  Followed by a lean to the pumpkin and "wanna make out?”

And then, shatters into a man plagued by PTSD and sabotages himself once again, with the appearance of Irene in his mind (which is his own self-loathing and disappointment) and her terrible taunting, which is him, taunting himself.

Best moment really was Blair actually NOTICING that something is wrong with him, and asks….perhaps someone will finally figure out that he has been damaged by his experience over the last 8 years?  She knew something was wrong, and he loses his opporunity once again.

As the audience, we get to see him decked out this way, hot as hell in black leather, we get to HEAR THOSE WORDS that we Todd fans have KNOWN are in his heart, and we get his humor, his angst, his sadness, and his longing, all brought perfectly to life by Roger Howarth, the best actor on television….of course, you may have the idea that I am biased, and you are completely RIGHT!!!!

Thanks to the writers and the show for a great day.  If we could not get another Halloween proposal, we got something very close, because if HE HAD said his words to Blair, we would not be getting any more Tomas scenes, that’s for sure; the triangle would have stopped dead in its tracks.

Thanks to OLTL for providing another Todd and Blair Halloween - sans the proposal that we’ve gotten in times past - it still brought that gorgeous Black Magic worked by Roger.

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