So, I asked grandtheftcanoe to prom.. Well, technically I told him he has to come to NY so he can be my date, because school dances are lame (technically I wouldn’t actually know because I’ve never been) and were lame (scratch that, I’m lame, Kas is actually pretty rad) so I figured it’d be perfect, and I’d get to hang out with my buttercup. So, yeah. Even though I most likely won’t go to prom because of my dad, you should still come, I will give you all the onesie cuddles in the world. Okay?

HELL & BACK (Original by Kid Ink)
  • HELL & BACK (Original by Kid Ink)
  • KASPER (캐스퍼)

Artist: KASPER (캐스퍼)
Song: HELL & BACK (Original by Kid Ink)
Album: Single “HELL & BACK”

Unfortunately, it’s much less common to find female rappers than male rappers. I have to say, Kasper has to be one of my favorites. When I listen to her rap, I get goosebumps, which doesn’t happen often. She’s truly talented and worth checking out!

wtf stop spreading rumors.

KASPER is not the girl Daehyun talked about on Beatles Code. KASPER isn’t even the same ethnicity as the foreigner Daehyun mentioned on the show so get your facts straight before you go jumping down her throat. There is no proof that they dated and even if they dated in the past, they’ve barely kept in contact at all these past few years (KASPER’s mentioned this quite a few times). So why are y'all getting your panties in a twist? Why wouldn’t Daehyun follow his friend after she debuted? Is he not allowed to show his support? They’ve been friends for years and I think it’d be shittier of him if he didn’t support his friends. You people spreading rumors are so petty and you don’t even have any proof of anything besides they-were-friends.

And seriously? WHO CARES. It’s not like you bashing on her gives you even a .00000000000001% higher chance of you dating him. Especially with a crappy attitude like that. Pretty sure Daehyun wouldn’t go after a girl who shit-talks his friends. Would anyone?

Stop spewing nonsense everywhere and stirring up baseless rumors. You just look like a damn fool.