This is a photo of me at 3 ½ years old, my family had season passes, I spent most of my summers at sea world. Back then, during the shows, they would walk children down and set them on the back of the whale at the very end of the show. This was one of the most amazing moments of my young life, for years I was inspired, I wanted to be a trainer and work with animals. In August 2007, 2 months after graduating high school, I was hired as a water quality diver at sea world, I worked there for almost 6 ½ years. I quickly realized the nightmare that lay behind the facade of my childhood dreams. I also learned more and more about the behaviors and aggression of the animals, not only was I attacked by Dolphins and penguins, but the orcas would charge the gates and jaw pop at us while we dove just feet away on the other side of the gate. One day I took this photo in and asked the trainers what whale this was and asked if the whale was still there at SWSD. They said yes, that’s Mom, otherwise known as kasatka. This is the whale in the movie blackfish that is attacking Petey the trainer and dragging him down by the ankle, and as a 3 ½ year old they put me on her back. Sea world is all about the show, and now I know.


that’s horrifying

Top quote from the book Death at Seaworld as noted.

Middle quote from one of Seaworld’s ‘truth’ videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEJSru3ucds – literally out of the mouth of the same guy who was attacked by Kasatka in 2006.

Kasatka’s attack was immediately preceded by her calf making a distress vocalisation. Being separate from, and unable to see to her calf due to being engaged in a circus act, she was very likely frustrated and showed her displeasure the only way she’s able: cessation of compliance.  

I am not making light of the attack on Ken Peters. If that’s what you get out of this, I want you to think really hard about how much you’re missing the point, then go away.

03. Kasatka

In her San Diego tank, Kasatka reigns supreme, showing dominance over her nine orca tank mates. Because she has extended this dominant behavior to her human trainers (including taking a trainer to the bottom of her tank against his will) trainers no longer enter the water with her. She is a mother of four and grandmother of three, and the ultimate matriarch of captive orcas.


I’ve been thinking about Kshamenk quite a bit with the birth of his and Kasatka’s calf just a few days ago.

His situation is really hard for me to wrap my head around. I have no idea how anyone could hear his story or see his living conditions and think that the life he is living is suitable or defensible.

This whale was taken from the wild under the guise of rescue (forced stranding), kept in a very small tank and often confined to an even smaller side tank, housed with bottlenose dolphins and hasn’t had a companion of his own species since 2000, and his movement is forced, jerky, and seemingly painful due to lack of space. 

Yet, despite everything wrong with how he was obtained and how he’s being housed, SeaWorld has been doing quite a bit of business with Mundo Marino, the park he’s kept at. Yep, that’s right. The very same company that touts their ‘rescue and rehabilitation program’ and their 'our animals are part of our family’ and their motherfucking 'supirior veterinary care’ and all of this absolute bullshit has been making deals with a marine park who are quite clearly abusing this orca (not to mention many other animals housed at the park including dolphins and sealions).

Instead of trying to get this whale out of a horrible situation by either trying to get him rehabbed and freed or moved to a better facility or out right buying him and moving him to one of their own parks, SeaWorld bought some of his sperm, sent their own people over to do the 'collecting’, and left him there.

I honestly don’t know how they could do that if they are truly a company that 'loves animals’.

Kshamenk needs help. Obviously SeaWorld isn’t going to step in and do whats right, they just needed some new genes for their orca puppy mill, so someone needs to.

Here are some petitions to sign, and here’s the Mundo Marino facebook page if you’d like to comment, and here’s a video about Kshamenk’s situation in comparison with Keiko’s.

and here is a picture of the calf that was just born to Kasatka at SeaWorld San Diego using Kshamenk’s sperm. He’s a beautiful boy and was born into a much better environment than the one his father is currently trapped in. His prison is by no means perfect or even passable, but at least he has enough room to move around and his mother, siblings, and other whales to interact with.