kid karma

so i get a fair amount of brands that reach out to work with me and if i don’t fuck with the brand, message or vibe, then i turn it down. this instagram/blogging influencer lifestyle has become my business but it’s still a representation of myself and i want you all following to know there’s quality, consistency and integrity here at stay|ragged. that being said, i’m very pleased to introduce you to kid karma!

this brand has a killer, sleek and sophisticated look that vibes well with current minimalist trends but stands on it’s own with creative graphics and stylish cuts. the tall plain button up i’m wearing here with the mandarin collar is perfect for that casually formal look. i paired it with their own wool bomber that has a peacoat kinda feel but in a more ragged silhouette! completely fits right into my current wardrobe without a problem which is a sign of good design and fashion.

possibly the coolest thing about kid karma is their integrity as a company and emphasis on quality. check their site and you can see they work closely with their manufacturers and material vendors. they also have programs in place to help better their community with the proceeds from certain items. as someone who uses my own art and position to try and better my community and society, this is a quality that really resonates with me and why i really think y’all should be tuning into and supporting this brand. i’m hoping to get over to berlin sometime this year and i’ll definitely be stopping into see these guys if i do.

kid karma and stay|ragged is for people that care.

thanks for tuning in and as always…


@kidkarmabln​ <-instagram & tumblr


New 4 star Hazama and 5 star Isogai gained via moonstone scouting (March 24 - 31) 

 Hazama gained by scouting seperately 3 times and Isogai gained by doing a 10 scout