25 Things I Learned At VidCon 2015 Edition

So I made a post like this after last year’s VidCon, and thought it was funny, so I figured I’d do the same this year!:

1. Always book your rental car in advance.
2. Essex is apparently near Scotland (according to myself).
3. Bird feeders are located on top of trash cans (also according to myself).
4. Caity’s too good at hiding things that belong to you.
5. Americans WILL mock you if you have an accent.
6. I will too, but out of love ;)
7. There’s always gonna be 4 people in front of you in a line. Maybe 5 at the most.
8. I like to “scream quietly” whilst waiting in line for YouTubers.
9. Adrianna & Sarah are actually amazing humans to meet in person.
10. As are Rose & Rosie.
11. VidCon passes make great fans.
12. Make business cards for your YouTube channel and pass them round.
13. Make Sarah, Emily, Nikki, Caity and Karly your entourage if you get famous.
14. I’m a crazy ticklish human (thanks Caity).
15. I’m obsessed with making my hair perfect without any flicks (again, thanks Caity).
16. Sarah and I are totes dating (hey gurlfriend).
17. Sarah knows when Emily is “thirsty”.
18. Caity LOVES photobombing.
19. Karly LOVES clapping.
20. Karly sometimes turns into an elephant when she laughs hysterically.
21. Caity’s dancing resembles a seizure and it’s amazing.
22. Caity and my dad are both messy eaters.
23. Karly literally eats nothing but plain cheeseburgers.
24. Taco Bell and Chipotle are delicious and need to come to the UK like now.
25. Bob’s your uncle.

Karly by David Laskey - Viktor & Rolf leather jacket, Gucci leather pants

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