The VSFS 2017 show is going to stream by Tencent, one of China’s biggest media companies.  They put out a commercial on the upcoming show and Taylor Swift is one of the performers.   The ad is in Mandarin (of course), on Taylor’s part they mentioned it’s her 3rd time doing the show.

No official news from VS yet but this sort of confirms Tay’s performance.

Thanks to a special friend for giving me this info.


Nov 19 2016

Karlie posted both of these. The border on the Dior pic is echoed in Taylor’s Polaroid and the other caption is self explanatory but still noteworthy.

‘how would you feel having a song written about you?’

If someone tapped me on the shoulder a month ago and said ‘in 30 days, you’ll be convinced that TS and KK are (or were) a thing’, my legs would’ve given out from sheer disbelief that someone could be so stupid. Now look at me. Convinced.

It’s bloody good to be here ❤️❤️


Submission 👆🏻


Tb to when Lily Aldrige interviewed Taylor.

Taylor about the VS angels/her friends getting ready in her trailer:

“And they’re all wearing these robes by the way its like an actual fantasy.”

Taylor and Lily talking about the VS show and mentioning Karlie Kloss:

Taylor: Last year you and I has this moment where we held hands down the runway. This year I get to do something like that with you and with Karlie.

Lily: You and Karlie have an amazing moment I can’t wait for people to see it.