someone on the discord was talkin about ticklish striders today and i just want to share how much I fuckin LOVE ticklish striders like please let karkat and jake have this secret weapon. you think you’re cool and calm and stoic and unaffected? THINK AGAIN. it’s a weapon that must be used carefully but would be so damn satisfying to deploy. also I think jake would use it more b/c dirk is harder to get through to and make open up and dirk would be MORTIFIED and curl into a defensive ball and beg for mercy while karkat would use it more sparingly, especially after dave discovers he can counter attack and they both nearly piss themselves after an especially merciless tickle battle

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You should draw The Gays

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i second the gays

OK so I’m in this group chat full of about 20 other college students who frequent the LGBT room on campus (it’s got books and free coffee and straight ppl are too afraid to enter) so anyway I compiled some drawings full of Real (out of context) Quotes from this beautiful chat, featuring the Homestuck Gays and some Bis. 

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Terezi and Karkat sitting on a rock~, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, First comes love~, Then comes marriage~, Then comes a baby in a baby carriage~

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the end

This is the LAST ASK ill take about mythicalstuck 
ill forever more take submissions cause i love all the art i get <3

The rest of the asks in my inbox can be answered as the normal boys
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Mythicalstuck will return