I would say this was an experiment with styles but I’d be lying…I just wanna draw Homestuck (mostly the trolls… But I might post some beta and alpha kids just for the hell of it) ((I’m also very sorry for that first pic… It was 6am and I couldn’t sleep))


Because I don’t think anyone has done it yet, here are homestuck characters as characters in Hamilton:

  • Alexander Hamilton - Karkat Vantas i guess? They both don’t know when to shut up (actually any of the vantas boys could be alex but i’m going with karkat because of shipping reasons he shows up first
  • Aaron Burr - Sollux Captor or Eridan (but i want Eridan to be King George III so idk)
  • John Laurens - John Egbert cuz they are both cinnamon rolls and i ship johnkat
  • Marquis de Lafayette - Dave Strider, you know that boy would totally nail Guns and Ships
  • Hercules Mulligan - Kanaya Maryam because of the fact he’s a “tailor’s aprentice” and Kan is a fashionista and they are both the Dad/Mom of the group (also picture Kan with his voice. Just do it.)
  • Angelica Schuyler - I’d say Porrim because of feminism, but I think I’m gonna go with Nepeta Leijon because it works with the love triangle thing and the rest of the “cast”
  • Eliza Schuyler - Terezi Pyrope cuz Karezi (or Jade)
  • Peggy Schuyler - Equius Zahhak just cuz it would be hilarious (or Rose)
  • Theodosia - Feferi Peixes because it makes sense if Sollux is Burr
  • George Washington - Dirk Strider cuz he’s everybody’s daddy
  • King George III - Eridan Ampora, duh. The dude is literally the embodiment of You’ll be Back
  • Thomas Jefferson - Gamzee Makara would totally rock the T.Jeff look
  • James Madison - Tavros Nitram because Gamtav
  • Philp Hamilton - Jake English I guess? idk I have to put him somewhere and the two girls he tries to hook up with could be Roxy and Jane? idk
  • Maria Reynolds - Vriska Serket because they both ruin everything
  • Samuel Seabury is totally Kankri Vantas and him and Karkat doing Farmer Refuted would be hilarious

That’s it right? I don’t think there are more relevant Hamilton Characters? I also just realised Aradia doesn’t have a role hmmm i guess she could be Theodosia’s husband we never see. Yeah so hope you liked my casting of Homestuck characters as Hamilton characters, and please say what you think about it :)