I mean. Imagine Eridan living and not being cut in half by an angry vampire. Eridan who becomes karkat’s Moiral because he is “so fucking sorry” (and means it) and absolutely sobbing. Eridan who now understands what that one pesterlog where karkat yelled at him meant. Karkat who can’t really hate anyone forever eventually tracking him down to talk. Karkat who still doesn’t forgive him completely but helps Eridan to live with himself after what happened. Karkat who helps push eridan to being a better person. Eridan who is trying but fucks up sometimes and needs karkat to help him. Eridan who sometimes finds one of feferi’s things and ends up being found by karkat later, crying again.

Imagine Eridan dying in GO trying to fight HIC because he’s realized how shitty she was and that some sea dwellers are not great.

Eridan dying on HIC’s trident because of parallels to fed’s death

Eridan dying because he got distracted when he heard Karkat scream because karat’s the only troll who ever tried to understand and he just disappeared in a lake of lava.

Eridan who dies in G.O. is is welcomed into the dream bubbles by Feferi who makes sure he knows she forgave him from the moment she died (because that face in Terezi:Remember was not an angry one). (sollux is still bitter but aradia kicks him in the leg and he gets over it). Eridan being ok and having karkat and fef with him in the dream bubbles. Eridan who gets now that fef just doesn’t love him and that that’s alright.

Just. Erikar and Eridan development man.


Homestuck Characters by Word Count (interactive graph)

View the full graph here.

I’ve been collecting data on Homestuck dialogue since 2013 and thought I may as well do something pretty with it. So here you go!

(for those who saw the Reddit post, please be aware that this has been edited fairly substantially from the version posted there!)

Data collected from @readmspa‘s search pages, with things like chat abbreviations, emoticons and duplicate conversations removed (message me if you want a more thorough overview of all that).

One major decision I made was to group all versions of the same individual character together. Dave and Davesprite are merged, for instance, while Dave and Davepetasprite^2 aren’t. Dirk and his Auto Responder are merged, while Dirk and ARquiusprite aren’t. There was a bit of debate about this, but I went into my reasoning behind it here (long story short: Ultimate Selves yo).

Graph made with SVG; interactivity added with JavaScript.


Homestuck Storyboard: Pretty Trashy

Okay, so, ages and ages ago Case and I talked about doing an animation with this section of dialogue, and I really wanted to do it because, I mean…it’s Case and Tooch!  But it was too close to the end of my time doing Homestuck stuff and all my plans for it started falling through, and after a while I just kind of…awkwardly forgot about it.  BUT with Homestuck ending and all the sentimentality going around, I thought the time had finally come to at least polish off the storyboards.  I hope y'all get a kick out of it, anyway!

Dave: http://miketooch.tumblr.com/
Karkat: http://fadeintocase.tumblr.com/
Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6