last night i had a dream there was like a homestuck sitcom and all i remember is karkat talking to the camera looking worried saying “gamzee hasnt eaten anything but Easy Cheese and weed brownies for the past three days” then it cut to a smug-looking gamzee who said “he thinks its been three days, its actually been three weeks” then he sprayed some Easy Cheese into his mouth

finally this monster is finished. i spent several days just trying to get the line art finished not because it was hard, but i was just being so painfully sluggish. and it took another couple days and lots of flopping between my old and decrepit version of photoshop, and then sai, to get the lighting tweaks correct.

there’s still some stuff i’m not perfectly satisfied with, but given that i NEVER do environments or mood lighting, i’m happy. so please enjoy this contribution of mine to the ship of our hearts TTwTT9