Have some Humanstuck headcanons of mine

Some of these are rly unoriginal but whateverrrrrr. I’d put this under a readmore but im on mobile ;-;

-the beta trolls are in 8th grade/Freshman year, the alphas in 10th grade, and the ancestors are of course adults in about their mid-20’s

-Karkat is dark-skinned with the blackest of black hair, and his hair is actually really curly but he straightens it out because he hates fussing with the curls. He has a tendency to argue with people and gets into trouble because of it.

-Aradia and her family are from Taiwan, but they moved to Japan when Aradia and Damara were very young, which is why Handmaid and Damara speak Japanese.

-Tavros is latino, and he has the most gorgeous brown eyes anyone’s ever seen. He got hit by a car when he was younger and is now paralyzed from the waist down. He’s a quiet kid that usually keeps to himself and his small group of somewhat-oddball friends. Despite being allergic to cats, he wants to work at Summoner’s animal shelter when he’s older.

-Sollux is tall and lanky, with blonde hair. He’s odd-eyed, meaning one eye is a different color. He wears 3D glasses to hide this, and usually hangs out with Aradia. He can be an asshole, but a nice asshole. He’s very protective of his older brother, who doesnt attend public school due to some issues Sollux would never tell anyone except close friends about. He’s that one kid that steals your chips at lunch if you’re not looking, but’ll give them back if you ask. He does have a bad habit of picking on Eridan, though.

-Nepeta is a redheaded girl with freckles. She seems innocent and sweet but could kick your ass in the blink of an eye if you upset her. She’s the captain of almost every fanclub at school, along with her older sister. She’s a member of the cheer team, too, but mainly because her best friend is on a lot of sports teams.

-Kanaya is muslim girl and a TA in the sewing class, she often helps other students with their projects. She’s a member of student council and is pretty serious about stopping bullying.

-Terezi is of course blind, but doesn’t let that stop her. She’ll joke about her own disability, but hates it when other people do. She often hangs out with Vriska to keep her in-check. Terezi is korean.

-Vriska is caucasian and has long, brown hair with a few (eight to be exact) cobalt blue streaks in it. She starts a lot of fights. One of these fights got so bad she actually had to have an arm amputated, so she has a prosthetic arm. She’s a master at manipulating people into doing what she wants them to, no matter how much they argue at first. She had been driving the family car when she wasnt supposed to, and hit Tavros by accident. She dated him afterwards out of pity, until she just couldnt stand him anymore and they broke up.

-Equius and his family are Native American. Equius is on a lot of sports teams, and he can be a snob from time to time, although he doesnt mean to be. One of the only sports teams he isnt on is wrestling, because he’s way too strong and the school faculty is pretty sure he’d end up breaking someone’s bones on accident. That and he’s not very violent.

-Gamzee, actually, ISNT a stoner. He does smoke pot now and again, but not too often. He does a lot of stuff that’s frowned on by society, but doesnt really know any better. He gets anxious about being alone. Sometimes he has violent outbursts and has to leave school for a few days before he hurts anyone with these episodes, but most of the time is actually pretty calm and happy. He listens to a lot of Weird Al’s music. He wears facepaint to school and the only reason he gets away with it is because the schoolboard is terrified of GHB, who insists that the facepaint is part of their religion. He’s from Cameroon, and has vitiligo.

-Eridan moved to America from Finland along with his older brother Cronus. He was born in Finland, moved to England until he was nine, moved back to Finland for three years, and moved to America in the middle of the school year. He keeps to himself most of the time unless he hears someone mention something he either likes or hates. He is constantly fighting with Sollux and absolutely hates him. Sollux started the fighting, but Eridan started fighting back, so now they hate eachother. Eridan doesn’t even consider Sollux worthy of being his rival. His favorite class is science and his least favorites are math and english. He spends a lot of time in detention for telling the science teacher how and why they’re wrong, and in his other time, he’s usually in the library reading textbooks. He loves the Harry Potter series, but only Cronus knows that.

-Feferi is really popular at school, but not one of those mean popular girls. Her family owns a lot of businesses around town, including the local waterpark and aquarium. She finds it difficult to make friends that don’t just want to be around her because her family is practically famous. She does, however, want to inherit the family businesses and make it better than it is now. She was, at one point, pen-pals with Eridan and they were great friends, then when she actually met him she was upset with how different he was in person and she had to stop talking to him. She helps out at an Aquatic Animal Rehabilitation Center that is, of course, owned by her family. She goes jetskiing on the weekends.

A Humanstuck AU where Kankri lives with Karkat and the Signless, and he’s in college so he studies a lot and while he studies he listens to music.

Karkat one day grows curious and grabs Kankri’s headphones off his head to see what he'a listening and the first thing he hears is;

♪Death’s images are all around again.
They’re right behind me.
They’re gonna find me.
Judgement for the immortal sin.
That had enveloped me completely.♪

Kankri tells Karkat to get out of his room as he puts his headphones back on and Karkat’s just standing there like: ‘what the fuck, my brother listens to Disturbed. What the fuck. What.’ And just walks out of his room slowly while staring at Kankri.