Just trying to go back at drawing more.

And as I’m obsessed with sylvari, that’s a fanart of Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns.

There one achievement in the game that allows you to have a kind of baby karka “pet” named “Princess” : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Princess

And I just imagine my necromancer being not interested in anything but his baby karka (he loves weird things). And trolling Canach (because honestly he is the best character of the expansion).

Wanna be friend with the cactus. Or at least be friend with Countess Anise and trolling Canach together forever. More of him Anet, please! I love his bitchy talking, I laughed so much!

Daily Sketch - Southsun Fashion Club - Karka Hat

Honestly this is not a real daily sketch, I’ve started this days ago and finished it today during stream.

I was wondering why Anet haven’t done karka hatchling hats or backpacks yet :D

Stay tuned, more Southsun Fashion Club accessories are coming ^^

Farwells [Continued Post w/ ask-challengerak]

It blinked, wondering what was wrong. “I am Karkas. What is wrong about home? How is it so lonely?” He didn’t know what to think of that, but the blade didn’t know this being or what her home was like. “Can you tell me what is wrong about home? I will not judge your feelings, or your reasons.” At least if he knows more, he could see what the problem was.

“Home is dark, no one is there but me. Home is a forest with endless trees. Home is a broken promise…” Her ears flattened, “Where I never lived…” She lied beside the pool, her eye now watery. “Home is not home anymore…”

So how is Dragonhunter gonna hunt the deep sea dragon (Steve)? Has anyone asked that yet? Underwater traps? Longbow? Someone didn’t think this through at all…
Dragonhunter! The mature themed, high concept elite specialization that can only hunt 4 out of 5 remaining dragons. GG Anet, GG.