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October 15th - Ransak

Ransak the Reject; tthe son of the Inhuman renegade, Maelstrom, and an unnamed mother who was a member of the Deviant people of Lumeria.   Although he was never exposed to the Terrigin Mists, Ransak possesses moderate super strength and greatly enhanced speed and agility.  These powers are possibly a result of Ransak’s Deviant lineage and/or genetic alterations passed down from his Inhuman father and grandfather.  

Ransak is quite handsome by human standards, yet was considered repulsive and a grotesque freak by the standards of his fellow Deviants.  Tormented and abused, Ransak was forced to fight in the gladiatorial games orcastrated by King Toad, the then leader Lumeria.  Ransak’s strength, skill and savagery aided him well as a gladiator and he made short work of many of his opponents.  Upset that this puny, human-looking reject had bested his gladiators, Toad arranged for Ransak to face off against the Deviant champion, the red-skinned behemoth known as Karkas.  

Meanwhiule, The Eternal known as Thena had come to visit Lumeria, accompanied by her ally, Kro.  Thena witnessed the gladitorial games and saw young Ransak go up against Karkas.  In the midst of this terrible battle, Ransak and Karkas came to realize that the two had very much in common.  Both had been shunned by their Deviant peers and forced to fight against their wills.  The two ultimately chose to fight alongside one another and attacked their guards.  Thena had felt great sympathy for the two Deviants and she seized the opportunity to save them.  She used her powers and teleported both Ransak and Karkas to the Eternal safehold of Olympia.  

Although it was a tough transition, Ransak came to appreciate the good treatment and sense of equality he felt from the Eternals.  Both he and Ransak decided to stay on and fight at the Eternals’ side.  The two went on to have many adventures with the Eternals.

Ransak’s current status and whereabouts remain unknown.  Also unknown is whether or not he ever learned of his Inhuman heritage.  It is possible that exposure to the Terrigen Cloud may cause Ransak to go through Terrigenesis.  Whether or not such a tale will ever be told, however, remains to be seen.    


The champ Karka in Ember Bay managed to stomp hard enough to send me THROUGH the floor, so I did some exploring

You can swim pretty much anywhere under the island, but the resting place of the champ Wurm and the view of the Chalice of Tears were my fav


My contribution to the Hero Initiative’s “Wake Up And Draw” birthday tribute to the late Jack Kirby, architect of much of the Marvel Universe (with and without Stan Lee), as well as a solid chunk of the DC Universe. He also co-created Captain America with Joe Simon in the 1940′s (Stan had nothing to do with that character, despite many incorrect articles and other sources of misinformation, one source being, at times, Stan Lee himself), and with Simon developed the successful and trend-setting kid gang and romance comics genres. That’s not all. Kirby was a concept and character machine, besides being a master cartoonist, storyteller and designer. Most of the Marvel movies making billions these days rest largely on Kirby’s shoulders in a lot of people’s opinions (mine as well), and much of the DC/WB superhero cartoon shows (and some of the movies and TV shows, eventually, one would assume) also owe a huge debt to his imagination and hard work under crappy work-for-hire agreements that never compensated him equitably in his lifetime (and often, publishers such as Timely and Crestwood ripped Kirby – and then-partner Joe Simon – off by not owning up to what were ostensibly better agreements back in the day). 

Tributes like these and the KIRBY 100 book from TwoMorrows (which I have an essay and a piece of art in) are some of the ways fans and comics professionals are addressing the imbalance in recognition regarding Kirby’s importance to the American comics medium and industry (additionally, the Hero Initiative’s “Wake Up and Draw” tribute artwork will be auctioned off to help comics creators in need. Which seems to be most of us these days). 

Jack Kirby would have been 100 years old today if he was here. I wish he could have seen the incredible impact his contributions to comics have made in pop culture in the years since he passed away. I wish he was as celebrated as Stan Lee, with whom he worked together to create so many characters and concepts being used by filmmakers, cartoonists, animators and writers today, generating incredible amounts of money for corporate bigwigs who probably have to be reminded who Jack Kirby is. If they even care to be reminded. Such is life, I know, but, it would be nice if he was a household name along with Stan Lee. Stan was/is “the Man”, but Kirby was “the King”.  

Jack Kirby has been one of my heroes since childhood, and he’s the hero of many, many others who know his name as well as what he’s done. I wish the world knew who he was. Long live the King.  

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Suomalainen Supernatural

Samueli: Hei deeni, kahoppa ku taivaalta puttoopi enkeleitä

Deeni: No niinpä tekköö

Crowwie itse helvetin kuningas: Hei orava ja hirvi, kahtokaapa ku Saatana karkas helevetistä.

Samueli&Deeni: No kahoppa niinpä teki.

Castieeli: Hei tyypit kattokaapa vappautettiin pimmeeys 

Samueli&Deeni: Oho huppista.

Castieeli: Pitteeskö meijän tehä tälle jottain?

Samueeli&Deeni: Ei millään ny pysty ku ahistaa ja masentaa liikaa, kyllä joku muu sen sieltä hoitoopi….. ehkä….

oh boy, it’s been a while since I drew something nice! this is pretty good I think. 

it’s one of my Guild Wars 2 characters, Renard Whiskerwisp with his pet karka, Princess Breadloaf. just a small friendly charr elementalist from Ash Legion. not a very typical charr, he wants to achieve world peace and will probably cry if you’re mean to him. but if you physically attack him, well, prepare to literally burn.