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October 15th - Ransak

Ransak the Reject; tthe son of the Inhuman renegade, Maelstrom, and an unnamed mother who was a member of the Deviant people of Lumeria.   Although he was never exposed to the Terrigin Mists, Ransak possesses moderate super strength and greatly enhanced speed and agility.  These powers are possibly a result of Ransak’s Deviant lineage and/or genetic alterations passed down from his Inhuman father and grandfather.  

Ransak is quite handsome by human standards, yet was considered repulsive and a grotesque freak by the standards of his fellow Deviants.  Tormented and abused, Ransak was forced to fight in the gladiatorial games orcastrated by King Toad, the then leader Lumeria.  Ransak’s strength, skill and savagery aided him well as a gladiator and he made short work of many of his opponents.  Upset that this puny, human-looking reject had bested his gladiators, Toad arranged for Ransak to face off against the Deviant champion, the red-skinned behemoth known as Karkas.  

Meanwhiule, The Eternal known as Thena had come to visit Lumeria, accompanied by her ally, Kro.  Thena witnessed the gladitorial games and saw young Ransak go up against Karkas.  In the midst of this terrible battle, Ransak and Karkas came to realize that the two had very much in common.  Both had been shunned by their Deviant peers and forced to fight against their wills.  The two ultimately chose to fight alongside one another and attacked their guards.  Thena had felt great sympathy for the two Deviants and she seized the opportunity to save them.  She used her powers and teleported both Ransak and Karkas to the Eternal safehold of Olympia.  

Although it was a tough transition, Ransak came to appreciate the good treatment and sense of equality he felt from the Eternals.  Both he and Ransak decided to stay on and fight at the Eternals’ side.  The two went on to have many adventures with the Eternals.

Ransak’s current status and whereabouts remain unknown.  Also unknown is whether or not he ever learned of his Inhuman heritage.  It is possible that exposure to the Terrigen Cloud may cause Ransak to go through Terrigenesis.  Whether or not such a tale will ever be told, however, remains to be seen.    

Suomalainen Supernatural

Samueli: Hei deeni, kahoppa ku taivaalta puttoopi enkeleitä

Deeni: No niinpä tekköö

Crowwie itse helvetin kuningas: Hei orava ja hirvi, kahtokaapa ku Saatana karkas helevetistä.

Samueli&Deeni: No kahoppa niinpä teki.

Castieeli: Hei tyypit kattokaapa vappautettiin pimmeeys 

Samueli&Deeni: Oho huppista.

Castieeli: Pitteeskö meijän tehä tälle jottain?

Samueeli&Deeni: Ei millään ny pysty ku ahistaa ja masentaa liikaa, kyllä joku muu sen sieltä hoitoopi….. ehkä….

It’s midnight in Finland so for the next 24 hours I’ll be participating in the Use Your Language Day! :DD although im just about to go to bed hahaha

mutta sitä ennen kerkeen kirjottaa vielä jotain suomeks yay ♥ lol tuntuu aina niin väärältä ku kirjottaa suomeks tumblriin, iha niinku rikkois jotai kirjottamatonta lakia (ku en ite seuraa ees mitää suomitumblreita tmv) :’D

Onkoha mulla yhtään suomalaisseuraajia enää? Niitä oli joskus mut meni seuraajat vähä uusiks siinä vaiheessa ku siirryin jojofandomiin ja ygo-porukat karkas XD anyway jos joku jonkun oudon mutkan kautta eksyy näkemään tän nii moi vaan kaikki muut jotka valvoo tumblrissa keskellä yötä ::DDd ♥

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Unified Blades

Captain Klinge bowed towards King Ganondorf and Queen Zelda. He had been summoned by Lord Ghirahim to go before the Master.

Ganondorf was the first to speak. “Captain Klinge, leader of my Iron Guard, we have summoned you here for a special assignment.”

Queen Zelda then spoke in union. “We have reports of undead attacking a settlement within Hyrule’s borders. You are to lead a mixed unit of my soldiers and Ganondorf’s to quell this threat.”

Captain Klinge raised his head. “I am sure my own unit can deal with any threat on its own.”

Ganondorf shot the Darknut a fiery glare. “Captain, given your history and long service under me I will give you the benefit only most would dream of from me this one time. A verbal warning. Zelda is my Queen and Wife. She will be addressed with the same amount of respect and rank as me. You will not question her again.”

Klinge remained silent for moment, than bowed his head again. “…Forgive me for my ill manners…my Queen.”

“The purpose of having a unit like this is to see how well our armies can perform together. You will be the first of your kind. Ganondorf assures me as one of his best knights you are qualified to lead this new type of squad. Can you?”

“I can your majesty.”

“Then you are dismissed. Select your troops from the barracks and move out immediately.”

Klinge rose and looked at Zelda dead in the eye. After a moment he took a final bow, and left the throne room. Zelda turned to her husband with a worried look in her eyes. “Such hate. Are you sure he’s the best qualified?”

“I chose Klinge because of the hate in him. This is a test not only for our armies, but for him. I need to know if he can silence or at least redirect his hatred in service of Hyrule, instead of against it. Some of my soldiers willingly fought for me over the years, with causes of their own. Klinge was one of these people.”

“And if he can’t keep it in check?”

Ganondorf took a sigh. “Then he will be considered a traitor and we will have no choice but to end his life. However, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I already had to weed out some individuals in my army, and I would hate to lose one of my best soldiers.”


Captain Klinge rode on horseback. Behind him were three Hyrulian Soldiers, an armoured Moblin on a war boar, and a Dinolfos. The three Hyrulian soldiers whispered amongst themselves, weary of the beasts they rode with.

“I can’t believe this. Why do three noble knights have to ride with monsters?”

“Quiet Karkas. Do you want to be heard?”

“Well I speak the truth Samson. To the right of us is a demon pig, and the left a barbaric lizard.”

“Well our leader seems human enough.”

“You kidding me O’Neal? He massive! And why doesn’t he have any weapons on him. He’s probably a giant that just beats his enemies to death with his fists.”

“I heard his units are souls in suits of armour.”

“I heard they are dog men, Ganondorfs canine unit.”

“I heard-“, Karkas was about to speak when all three Hyrulians noticed Captain Klinge was positioned right in front of them.

“Go one. I was enjoying your theories about me. What other cute ideas do you have?”

Karkas was the first to reply. “We just wanted to know what you Iron Knuckled freaks were actually underneath your-“



“I am called a Darknut.”

O’Neal was curious. “What’s the difference…sir?”

Klinge was a little surprised that the Hyrulian had followed protocol on addressing him as a superior. “Well I suppose if we are going to work together I should share some basic history with you.”

The unit resumed its patrol to the settlement. “Darknuts and Iron Knuckles have a long history serving Ganondorf. The earliest Darknuts were formed from the ranks of knights that deserted Hyrule or skilled swords masters. Most of us were human. Over time though, many of us were transformed into beasts or demons. Very few could keep their humanity.”

Samson spoke up. “What about you?”

“I have lived for many generations, serving Ganondorf for more than one lifetime. I’ll leave it to your imagination as what I had to do to keep myself whole.”

The three Hyrulians had chills go through out their bodies. Captain Klinge continued.

“Now a days, Iron Knuckles aren’t too different from Darknuts, they are just classified as the special weapons and armour units. However, long ago Iron Knuckles served Ganondorf very closely. And they were only made up of the finest Gerudo Warriors.”

Captain Klinge then turned to face the human soldiers. “But thanks to your people, the Gerudo had been nearly wiped out to extinction. There will probably never be an original Iron Knuckle for generations, if ever again.”

Karkas scowled. “Please, the Gerudo were thieves and killers. A tribe that is best forgotten.”

Samson yelled at his comrade. “Karkas! Hold your tongue.”

Klinge got right in front of Karkas. “Would you like to see one of my weapons?”

Karkas looked at Klinge, but still held a face of defiance. “What?”

“I overheard you asking were my weapons were. On rare occasions, Iron Knuckles were trained in magic that could summon armour and weapons to them at the snap of a finger. I have mastered this type of magic. Now I will ask again, would you like to see my weapons.”

Karkas just stared at the Darknut. The armoured giant towered over him. Sweat dripped down his face. O’Neal then just whispered to Karkas urgently, “Just apologize Karkas, now!”

Karkas looked down in defeat. “I’m sorry for my words…sir.”

Captain Klinge looked down on the soldier. He desperately wanted an excuse to slice him in half. “Very well, apology accepted sergeant.”

The Dinolfos then walked up to the Captain. “Sir, we have visual on a barn ahead. I smell lumber and death.”

“Very good Foom. Alright soldiers, move out with weapons drawn. Be vigilant or be dead.”


The six soldiers tied their horses and boars to some trees and moved in on foot towards the lumber mill. Captain Klinge ordered with a wave of his hand for Samson and the Moblin to take the front. He then had Karkas and the Dinolfos take the rear, while he and O’Neal took the centre. The six moved towards the barn doors. The closer they got the more the scent of decay became apparent.

“Golban, knock the door open.”

The Moblin did as he was told.  When the doors flew open the unit was greeted to the sight of countless Redead. Some were busy eating animals and farmers that lay inside. Others took notice to the fresh meat that came before them and rushed the unit.

“Golban, Samson, get those doors closed! The rest of us, don’t let a single one of those corpses leave here alive!” Golban thrust his spear into a Redead and rushed for the left door, Samson running for the right.

The Dinolfos and Karkas rushed the horde, desperate to keep them away from the doormen. With a snap of his finger, Captain Klinge summoned a massive greatsword. It was big even for Darknut standards. With a single swing, he chopped about eight Redead in half, flinging body parts everywhere.  He then looked at O’Neal.

“There are too many of them, but they are slow. O’Neal, light a bolt on fire and shoot it into the hay!”

O’Neal did as she was commanded. She drew her crossbow and shot into barn. The hay immediately was set on fire. Redeads screamed as they caught a flame. Golban and Samson then manage to shut the doors and lock it back up.

“No, my army!”

The unit turned to see two humans. They wore thick black and had books in their hands. Klinge recognized them immediately for what they were.

“Necromancers, I will give only one chance to surrender. Failure to comply will lead to your death, I can assure you. ”

The Necromancers response was to chant a summoning ritual from their books. Klinge gestured an order of attack. From the ground Stalfos, Redead, and Redead Knights came from the ground. A Redead Knight brought it’s sword down upon the Moblin. Golban had no time to react, and had his stomach sliced open. Redead scrambled to eat him.

With furious anger at the loss of one of his soldiers, Klinge swung his greatsword with so much force his slice went through the zombies, and shattered the Redead Knights sword, while it was blocking, cutting the creature into two.

Foom the Dinolfos was engaged with two Stalfos. His thick armour glanced off blows from the skeletons, but it was hard to penetrate the skinless monsters defensives. Meanwhile O’Neal and Samson were making their way to the Necromancers, but were stopped by Redead. The zombies rushed the two soldiers, pushing them back. From the rear Karkas tried to ambush the Necromancers, but a Redead Knight noticed him and screamed. Karkas found himself paralysed by fear. The Knight slowly lifted its blade.

“No. Why can’t I move?” Karkas’s sword shook in his hands. From the corner of his eye, he saw that the Redead had pushed O’Neal and Samson into a corner. The Dinolfos had three more additional Stalfos attack him. Karkas saw the Redead Knight about to kill him. “Oh God, no-“

The Redead Knights blow was then deflected by Captain Klinge. The creature relied back. The Captain snapped a glance at Karkas.

“Well are you just going to stand there gawking?”  

Karkas snapped back to reality and stabbed his sword through the Redead Knights face. With a quick gesture of his blade he decapitated the creature.

The Necromancers were scrambling through their books, looking desperately for a spell that could help them. “Goddamn it”, said one of them, “where is that Dead Hand spell?”

Before he could find it he felt a presence before them. He looked up to see black armour right in front of him, and the aura of pure death over took him. With no time for the first Necromancer to react, except pure fear in his eyes, Captain Klinge brought his sword down, splitting his victims head into two, and then some.

He turned to the second Necromancer who screamed in terror. She dropped her book and got on her hands and knees. Upon dropping the book the surrounding dead lost their lives, and fell to the ground, nothing more than corpses.

Captain Klinge turned to his soldiers. “What’s the status of everyone?”

The rest of the soldiers took a moment to catch their breath. Foom hissed and took a smell of the air. “Everyone except Golban is alive. I smell wounds on two of the humans, but they should be fine.”

O’Neal came forward. “Samson and I took a few scratches. Redead attacks aren’t infectious are they?”

“No, they’re not.” Klinge then turned towards the surviving Necormancer. “As for you…”

The Necromancer was paralysed with fear. Klinge continued. “Is there anymore of you?”



Klinge lifted his blade. Samson quickly came forward. “Sir, I’m not questioning your judgement, but she surrendered, is it necessary to kill her?”

“If she were a regular bandit perhaps not. But Necromancers are too dangerous to be kept alive. If she has the chance she could increase her skills to summon whole armies, plagues, or even demons. Her death IS necessary.”


Klinge shot Samson a glare. Even with a helmet covering his face, Samson got the message. Karkas came forward to comfort Samson from Klinge. “Our Captain has spoken Samson, he has a point. We might not like it, but we have to follow orders.”

The Necromancer looked at Klinge with tears swelling in her eyes. “Hylian dog. Get it over with.”

“I am not Hylian. And with what you did to all these farmers, consider yourself lucky that I give you a quick and painless death.” Klinge lifted his sword.

The Necromancer noticed someone running towards them from the corner of her eye. That’s when a new type of fear, even greater than her own death creeped in. “LEERE, STAY BACK!”


Captain Klinge could not stop his swing and brought his sword down upon the woman, killing her instantly. He turned to see a little girl, with tears falling down her face. She ran towards one of the necromancers books. Before she could grab it, Samson grabbed her from behind and held onto her.

“Let go of me you monster. LET GO!”

She grabbed a knife from her back pocket and stabbed it into Samson’s leg. Samson closed his teeth together and threw the knife out. The girls kept screaming and struggling until all she had left was the energy to cry.

Captain Klinge snapped his sword back into the void. He just starred at the child. Judging by her appearance she had to be about the same age as Queen Zelda’s daughter. The child’s predicament started to bring back some darker memories to Klinge.

“Sir, are you alright?”

Klinge turned to see O’Neal at his side. He sighed. “The mission was a success. You, Samson, and Karkas proved yourselves quite well in combat alongside the King’s forces, and we put an end to a dangerous threat. However…”

Klinge looked at the child. “This was not expected. The girl no doubt was raised to be a necromancer herself by what I can only assume were her parents here.”

“What should we do with her?” The way O’Neal asked she was honestly not sure what the Captain’s response would be.

“We will not kill a defenceless child. I will discuss the fate of the girl with the Queen and King. The meantime, bind her. She has proven quite dangerous with a blade. We’ll take her to the castle dungeon, maybe in time she can grow past this incident and her parent’s teachings.”

Klinge knew very well it would take a long time to do so, if she ever would. The hate he had for Hyrule he knew this girl was now feeling as well.

“Very well sir.”

Klinge looked at the burning barn house. This would have been a completely satisfying day, if not for that little girl. He then walked back to his horse.


Captain Klinge finished his report to the Queen and King. Zelda seemed troubled.

“That is a tragedy regarding the little girl. I am sure you didn’t mean to kill her parents in front of her.”

“No, your majesty. I am not a devil.”

Ganondorf came forward. “Zelda and I will discuss the fate of this girl; Leere was it, on our own. As for you, Captain.” Ganondorf summoned a sword. Klinge held his postiton. If he had failed his master then so be it.  Klinge was ready to accept his death when Ganondorf brought his sword down on his shoulder.

“According to the reports of the other soldiers, you lead them to a swift and decisive victory. You even went out of your way to protect the Hyrulian soldiers. I’m impressed. Can you tell me why?”

“They were my soldiers. Every soldier under my command is another blade under my care, and there for an extension of me. It is my responsibility to make sure they leave every battlefield alive.”

Ganondorf gave Klinge a lighthearted laugh. “Good! That is all the reason I need to go through with this. Klinge, for your services for the kingdom of Hyrule, I knight you to the rank of Commander. You are charged with the tasks of training new units, being a key military leader, and are in charge of the official new Royal Guard. You will answer only to me, Queen Zelda, Lord Ghirahim, and High General Impa. Any questions?”

Impa. Klinge remembered his humiliating defeat at the hands of the ninja. He had to take over an hour to drag himself out of Lake Hylia. He then looked at Ganondorf in the eyes and simply replied, “No, my King.”

“Then rise.”

Commander Klinge did as he was commanded, and bowed towards his leaders. Leaving, he wondered if fighting for his master was enough to quell the hatred he had for the natives of this land. He had fought along some great warriors, but his feelings for these people had not fully changed. And worse, he bred the same hatred he felt in that little girl. At least she was still human. Maybe she could have a chance to change, where he could not.

imagine; dave asking karkat to teach him about quadrants and karkat is so glad to, right? going over each of them first passively, then starting to get detailed and hes so expressive and makes all these gestures and hes so excited and dave is just enraptured but hes also discontent with it. hes got it bad for karkat, really really bad and as hes listening to these quadrants his heart is sinking lower and lower into his stomach because he cant place what he feels in just one.

dave who ends up upset about this and karka tkeeps pushing it asking whats wrong, whats the matter, why are you upset until dave finally just backs him into a wall w his forearms on either side of karkats head and his forehead pressed to karkats, eyes shut tight behind his shades and he apologizes. says hes sorry over and over and that he loves him, loves him so much, and he tried- he tried to figure out what quadrant because he knows thats what karkat would want but he cant and hes sorry. he cant put it in just one. 

and hes so fkn upset because karkats taught him to feel and to see what his life was before and what it is now, that hes loved now, that hes safe now and he doesnt always have to be on his toes- and he wants this, wants it so much he cant help the tears that slip out from behind his shades, but he cant do it right. he cant do right by karkat and e doesnt deserve him if he cant figure this out and hes so torn up about it..

The Pod

The Neptiden system is home to worlds where life never left the seas. Home to Ichtyo Sapiens and humanoid sea creatures.

Then Jark Matter came and polluted the oceans leading a group to rise up. Calling themselves The Pod they fight against Jark Matter and seek to make their oceans clean again.

All the suits have coral like patterns on them as well as gills

Water Bearer-“Aqua Star! Aquarius Teal!”- Hatouoh- An Icthtyo-Sapien (Fish person) and leader of the team. Has limited control over water and can survive outside the water the longest of the team without special equipment or tools.- Kyu Triton- Aquarius Voyager- A large humanoid mecha.

Crab-“Claw Star! Cancer Cerulean!”- Karka- Serious and irritable to his foes but kind and caring to his friends- Kyu Pincers- Cancer Voyager- A crab mecha.

Whale-“Wave Star! Cetus Turquoise!”- Mobee- A gentle giant spurred to action his outrage over Jark Matter’s actions.- Kyu Harpoon- Cetus Voyager- A whale mecha

Dolphin-“Tide Star! Delphinus Viridian!”- Delfina- Easygoing and carefree she seems careless but is a capable fighter- Kyu Hook- Delphinus Voyager- A dolphin Mecha

Fish-“Ocean Star! Pisces Verdigris!”- Vivian- Mother of Noah, she joined to defend her home and family.- Kyu Hydro Pistol- Pisces Voyager- A fish mecha

Southern Fish-“Depth Star! Pisces Austrinus Aquamarine!”- Noah- Son of Vivian, joined to fight alongside his mom and defend his home- Kyu Bubble Blaster- Pisces Austrinus Voyager- Smaller fish mecha that fits inside the back of the Pisces Voyager

Flying Fish-“Surf Star! Volans Celeste!”-  Dylan- Calm and relaxed even in the midst of battle. Enjoys surfing on the surface of the seas- Kyu Rod- Volans Voyager- A flying fish mecha

Mizusei-Oh(Water Life King)
Aquarius forms the torso and head and four of the others form arms and legs

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Aisarath was now packing their stuff together as they prepared to go back to the mothership after their shore leave. It was a good time, spending it with her family and now fiancé. She would say this was the best thong ever, as she got proposed and her father didn’t tried to kill Repard either.  She went down to grab some home made food, Esra packed for them and saw her mate looking at something smiling. The female Commander quietly sneaked behind the male and hugged him. “What did you found love?…Oh, tat’s quite old picture it was made after Amvali’s first birthday…How stupid I looked back then, oh sweet stars.” She chuckled, seeing her short cutted, messy hair and then a little more toned darker circle around her lighter fur parts. Then even karka had the circles, which usually faded away with age in their family. The triplets pretty much seemed whom just had a fight and stood as far as they could, while Gorhag held the small birthday girl. Esra took the picture so she was missing, Pilmu and the others seemed fine and good behaving.



Violet, listen.

Violet. I know you love karkas, but I’m afraid you’re aiming TOO HIGH.

And Princess will be jealous, so don’t do it!

Just followed the guide to have a cat inside the home instance, and there’s a kitty now! :)

He looks a bit fat, I’m afraid Violet gives him too much food xD

I want a dog for Gondul, Anet plz?