Being able to roll your eyes at the term “cultural appropriation” is a sign of privilege. You think everyone should just do what they want right? Because you’ve never been ridiculed or shamed for your traditions, culture, features, and appearance while at the same time seeing others copy or take those traditions, culture, features, and appearance and be praised for “starting trends” or “being edgy”. Keep that in mind next time you wanna throw a temper tantrum because a black girl told you you shouldn’t wear dreads.

Rob kardashian is wrong on so many levels for Sharing nude photos of his baby mama but I'm not gonna defend blac Chyna either! Some Of y'all will defend her simply bc she's a black woman and y'all hate the kardashians. Don't act like we haven't seen Chyna be verbally abusive . He's wrong for sharing her nudes & puttig Out their business but she's wrong for cheating and scheming the fuck outta his life just to get back at someone else. Both are stupid