That’s an Always Sunny joke. Katrina Bowden watches Always Sunny. The world’s most fucking stunning specimen ever watches Always Sunny. Holy fuck. Are you getting that? Can you even comprehend how fucking profoundly awesome those two things together are? Katrina Bowden. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I mean, fuck. It’s time for every other.woman to just throw in the towel and for scientists to clone 3 billion Katrina Bowdens. Let’s be reasonable.

I'm finally drinking Rainier.

We visited Derek Eysenbach in Santa Rosa and drank 400 tiny beers, which made us feel like GIANTS. Derek is a goddamn genius, and can totally beat you in a bike race. 

We visited Graham, Tara, Alfred Hitchcock, and heard about an indian guy that knows Les Claypool in Sebastopol. Graham is an excellent drummer, and Tara is a master of karate and friendship.

Stopped in Ft. Bragg and ate the best fish n’ chips on the west coast at Sea-Pals and hung out with several brown cats. BROWN CATS. Seriously, when was the last time you seent a brown one??

Stayed overnight in Eureka, CA, birthplace of Mr. Bungle! The Motel 6 was gross, the Lost Coast Brewery was overrated and overpriced, there were crackheads and hippies everywhere… The only person to acknowledge my Bungle shirt was the postal worker. Of course it was the postal worker. The downtown area near the pier was lovely, though. 

We went to Mt. Shasta and found the entrance to the secret city. It was overrated. Agent Scully discovered snow for the first time. We’re going to attach a tiny sled to her harness since she loved it so much.

We’ve been in Ashland for about a week now.



This video made me watch Magi…

Its…its so beautiful QwQ




justafanboy asked:

What I learned about Dragon Age from tumblr user Nedsseveeredhead •Hawke(man?): fighter of the night man, master of karate and friendship for everyone •iron bull: king bara •anders???!!!!!???!?!? • everyone is gay? • there are no dragons

There are too many dragons in Inquisition they keep trying to kill me send help. Also Anders is the only one in the game ive met so far that makes a joke with the title of the game in it and im grateful for it every day B)


Y’all….this is PURE genius!