Let’s make a comeback happen! A call for all kpop fans out there!

Guys, there’s a fan project going on to bring Orange Caramel back after +3 years of being negligenced. It is essential for as many people as possible to participate, even if you’re not much of a fan of the group or don’t follow them at all.

If this works, just imagine the potential to call attention to other under-the-rock groups and bring them back.

For more info please look here.
Let’s do this, people!

  • *Kara comes with a new shirt*
  • Kara: look what I bought, you like it?
  • *Lena spills some of her water onto her shirt which made it see through*
  • Lena: I'm so sorry babe, didn't mean to. Really like it now though...
  • Kara: Lena you got me all wet, it's...
  • Lena: (interrupts) That's what she said. Come on you didn't seem to be bothered by that last night
  • Kara: Well, (stutters)because I wasn't
  • *Lena goes up to Kara, looks at her and bites her lip*
  • Lena: Would you forgive me?
  • Kara: Lena that's unfair, you know that turns me on
The end of our 2nd generation girl groups :(
  • KARA: Disbanded
  • 4Minute: Disbanded
  • 2NE1: Disbanded
  • Wonder Girls: Disbanded
  • T-ARA: Disbanded
  • SISTAR: Disbanded
  • Currently the only 2nd Generation Groups left are: SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, f(x), After School, Nine Muses, Girl's Day, Davichi. (However some of these groups I suspect will disband, but their companies have not said anything yet)