[Hitomi] We even appeared on J-Channel ❤️
Now it’s snack time ❤️

[Chisato] With the radio finished it was lunch and rehearsal, we got to join up with tomorrow’s LIVE costar TOR+-san and say hello! He’s very gentle and gentlemanly, I’m looking forward to tomorrow⭐︎!!! TOR+-san and tshirted GIRLS✨

[Jiena] Once again I got to appear on Thailand’s [Jchannel]! Thank you very much!! Thailand is, this summer, starting the broadcast of Kamen Rider Gaim!

[Jiena] At today’s rehearsal we received a greeting from tomorrow’s special guest tor+-san. We also received t-shirts. I’ll do my best! I’m looking forward to it!

[Ayako] Thai radio, we appeared on #JChannel 💕
It was so fun ❤️❤️
Everyone who listened… kapunka ❤️🌺

These four have been busy in Thailand so far! After being on the radio show J-Channel and rehearsing for tomorrow’s mini concert, they met with the special guest for tomorrow’s show and showed off their new t-shirts. There will be lots to see and report in on this weekend!