A hand-colored postcard of Maiko Yachiyo II of Osaka playing a kotsuzumi, a small hand-drum; 1910s.

Yachiyo-san was a very popular Maiko and later Geiko, and a popular postcard-model, especially during her days as a Maiko.

Source: Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr


Himeko is such a talented kanzashi artist (hairpins are sold here). The flowing lines -only made with fabric- are especially impressive.

I’d love to own the swallow and the gecko* to use as hairclips/odidome :)

Shown at the bottom are the following motifs:

  • left: swallow, peacock, flowing willow, bouquet
  • right: swallow, crescent, butterfly, gecko, wisteria blossoms, peacock feathers, blaze

*Trivia time: my husband has used gecko as avatar for a looong time. It comes from his teenage years in the French West Indies. There gecko are nicknamed “mabouya“ (litterally “bad spirit”) but I just love those little guys - I mean they eat the damn insects and mosquitoes \o/

I’ve only seen geckos in Okinawa. It seems they are an endangered species elsewhere in Japan :(