*People* “Well, Kim Kardashian and her family were a silly distraction and stuff like THAT let someone like Trump take over America.”

*Me thinking about it for a moment*

“No, I don’t think Kim Kardashian and her family and their (let’s face it, hugely scripted) antics had anything to do with it. It’s a fucking reality show. Who cares? It’s entertainment. Regular TV stuff.”


“I think, perhaps, the problem is that 45+ million Americans (mostly white) eagerly voted for an obvious racist and fascist. And now most of you can’t admit it. So blame the chick in an interracial marriage with two mixed race children and with a transgender dad for the downfall of America. Not the voters themselves or anything.”


Kanye West - All Day

This version is so much better than the studio version.

Seeing Skepta, Stormzy, Jammer, Frisco & co was sick too..