I drew the mayo one first and I was trying to do something with the blush so it looks weird….plus I don’t know what I’m doing with his hair??

Kanomi on the other end I think came out very nice. uvu at least for a drawing I didn’t draw a sketch for.

The game to carry on the metal gear legacy from konami will be called Metal Gear Sold: Ground Zeroes, it’s said to feature real-time cut-scenes and open world gameplay. It will run on Team Kojima’s new Fox Engine. However, new information on the project is scarce because Konami has imposed certain restrictions on reporting on the game, but the demonstration itself appears to have impressed those who attended. So watch out for this title in the future as we will bring you as much info as possible about it, once we receive info ourselves obviously.

Ōedo Line: Akabanebashi

What did the Tokyo Tower area look like in the Edo Period? Next stop on the Ōedo Line: Akabanebashi

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赤羽橋 Akabanebashi (red feather bridge) Akabanebashi in the Edo Period.My Patrons who donate to this page get a private video tour of this area. Stupid trivia fact. On this 38 station course, we’ve finally arrived at the midway point. We’ve come from Edo Period country side locations to some of the deepest areas of Edo. This station is 19 of 38. I hope that so far I’ve shown that you can walk Edo…

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