this is pointless.

individual regularly-sized transparent ones under cut

edit: pixels were originally by feastings, edited by me. feel free to use them! just credit both me and @feastings

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A Vantastic Journey through Didney Worl!

I still feel like the first panel needs more oomph, like maybe some gif flickering? But giffing it would turn that gradient to shit. I’ve been struggling with that one panel since yesterday, though, and there’s a point where you just gotta throw your hands up and say “i’m not even being paid for this sh*t!!!!!!!!” so there you go, enjoy the totally free comic panel I gave up on after hours of tinkering!

In contrast the last panel is perfect. I absolutely adore it. Look at that. Moocow is about to go to town on oodles and oodles of countryside critters who for whatever reason don’t want to let him visit the Big Apple. No wonder Mituna loves this game.