So that was it. Familiar places I’d visit after my overnight part-time job.Their faces, clothing and directions were all the opposite of mine. I’d never mixed with students or company employees. I wanted to be one of them so desperately that I couldn’t see the ugly truth. I was still going the different direction. I’m alone here too. Only I didn’t know that truth when everyone else did. All this chaos in order. I wonder would it ever be possible to have an agreement?

[News]: Rumored to be the favorites as the leads for awhile, now we finally have a press release. - Kim Woo Bin & Kang Sora are under final considerations for the Hong sister’s kdrama, Jejudo Gatsby. The MBC romantic comedy is set on the island of Jeju and it will air after Angry Mom in the Wed / Thurs timeslot. 

Update with more info, from Hancinema

‘Jeju Island Gatsby’ is a romance drama depicting the youngsters who try to build a new life in Jeju Island away from heartless cities.
Hong sisters were originally planning to write a time travel drama throughout the period of Japanese occupation and the modern days. However, they changed the overall concept and started writing ‘Jeju Island Gatsby”, of which background is modern days in Jeju Island.
The drama is expected to be the biggest hit in the first half of this year once the young A-list actor and actress Kim Woo-bin and Kang So-ra have decided to join the brilliant team of the Hong sisters and producer, Park Hong-gyoon.