써니 / Sunny (2011)

“Hello, future Nami. I’m the high school Nami. Nice to meet you. I think you’d be an artist by now. And once you’re in college, you’d be a DJ. And I also want to become an owner of a comic bookstore. I won’t charge late fee. Also… I think you really look like Sophie Marceau. I’ll be in movies like La Boum. And I also wanna become a dancer…”


“Me? I’m Baek Joon. An alpha girl surviving in the 21st century of Hell Joseon. No, no… I’m a part-time girl. Working part-time can be a career too. Working three part-time jobs can get you an income of a full-time job. You say I should find a stable job while I’m still young? Do you know that one must spend tens of millions of won to build up a good resume?”


O M G !!! Kang Sora and Siwon are doing a drama together! This looks silly and funny AF. Can’t wait!

Revolutionary Love / Byun Hyuk’s Love preview