GIRL RAISES MONEY FOR SHELTER DOGS BY SELLING BUBBLE GUM - “She hopes that without an adoption fee, someone will adopt the animals.”

Eight-year-old Hannah Stricker from West Virginia has been selling bubble gum to raise adoption fees for the dogs at the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association. By selling the gum door-to-door and from her front lawn, Hannah has raised the adoption fees for one dog and half of another. So far, she has sponsored a 6-year-old Shepherd mix and a 3-year-old Rottweiler mix. Here’s more from the Charleston Gazette:

It took Hannah four days of selling bubble gum from her front lawn and going door-to-door asking for donations to raise the first $76, enough for a typical adoption fee at the shelter.


Hannah was also motivated by a love for dogs. Her family has two of its own. One of them was a stray they found roaming the streets, Hannah said.

For the first dog, Hannah had the choice between sponsoring a puppy and an older dog. Both of them were really cute, she said.

“I knew the smaller one was cuter than the other and that one would be easier to adopt,” Hannah said.

So she chose to sponsor Heidi, a 6-year-old shepherd mix whose owner turned her in.

Hannah is making a big difference for the shelter dogs, who hopefully will be adopted soon. Click here for the full story and here to learn more about the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association.