Connor Ingram #1

Requested by Anon:  Can you do a cute Connor Ingram one, you choose the situation, I love your blog ❤

*Here it is!! Connor Ingram is such a funny kid, love him. I hope you like this one and thank you so much. :)*

Word count: 793

credits to @oliverkylington

There was at least ten feet of space between you and your boyfriend, Connor Ingram, goalie extraordinaire and overall funny teddy bear. On your right was the wooden coffee table you got from a thrift store when you first moved out of your parents’ house and to your left was the tv set. There was enough space that if you fall, you know you won’t be hitting your head on any sharp corners but you still look at Con like this was the most dangerous stunt you’re going to perform in your life.

Connor spread his arms wide and tapped his sock-clad foot, “come on,” he laughed, “hurry, I am a busy man.”

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is anyone surprised at this kids’ skill?!  I mean c'mon, he plays for Kamloops, same team the Rex played for back in the day!  Go Blazers!


Reposting because this is awesome.

Love the one guy by himself. HAHAHAHA.

Read this if you’d like some backstory.