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(Direct translation of the article posted this morning on Cinema Today. thanks to silverwind for bringing this article to my attention!)

The setting of “Kamen Rider Duke” has been announced!  The beginnings of Ryoma and Takatora’s relationship will be revealed!

Amongst the characters of the popular tokusatsu series “Kamen Rider Gaim,” fan favorite Sengoku Ryoma was renowned as the most cold-hearted of them all.  The upcoming V-Cinema production “Kamen Rider Duke,” which will feature Sengoku Ryoma as its central character, is currently being filmed within the Tokyo metropolitan area.  Actors Aoki Tsunenori (playing Sengoku Ryoma) and Kubota Yuki (playing Kureshima Takatora) gave us their comments.

The V-Cinema release “Gaim Gaiden - Kamen Rider Duke/Kamen Rider Knuckle” will be one disc containing two episodes, focused respectively on the characters Sengoku Ryoma (Aoki Tsunenori) and Zack (Matsuda Gaku) from the original series.  This is the second installment of the Gaim Gaiden series, following “Gaim Gaiden - Kamen Rider Zangetsu/Kamen Rider Baron” which sold in record quantities shortly after its release in April.

“Kamen Rider Duke” will include scenes such as the secrets behind Ryoma’s development of the next-generation henshin belt, the Genesis Driver, as well as showing how he first met the other members of the powerful Yggdrasill Corporation - Takatora, Yoko (Tsukui Minami), and Sid (Namioka Kazuki).

On the day we visited the set, the scene being filmed was one of Takatora visiting Ryoma in the hospital after Ryoma is wounded at the hands of an enemy.  In this scene Ryoma tells Takatora about a certain incident pertaining to the development of the Lockseeds, which are the key to the Riders’ transformations.  The scene also relates to the start of the complicated relationship depicted between Takatora and Ryoma in the original series.  Director Kaneda directed the scene passionately, holding his megaphone.  Later on, Aoki reflected on the day’s filming, proudly saying, “When I read the script, I saw that the story was going to be focused on the Yggdrasill members’ histories.  I think this is something the fans have been wanting to hear more about, and I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see it put on screen.”

Meanwhile, Kubota made comments that are sure to heat up the fans’ expectations: “You’re going to get to see Takatora when he was just starting out, fresh and eager, and overflowing with hope.  I think one of the strongest points of this episode will be getting to see new sides of the characters that weren’t shown in the original series.”


Hello everyone! Here are a few new Kamen Rider Gaim wallpapers I made. I hope you enjoy them. :)

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Kamen Rider Gaim - Jinba Lemon Arms
Kamen Rider Baron - Lemon Energy Arms
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin
Kamen Rider Duke
Kamen Rider Marika
Kamen Rider Sigurd


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Photo preview of some scans. 

Matsuda Gaku (Zack): Does it suit me?

Matsuda Ryo (Jounouchi Hideyasu): *pouting* It suits him better than me~

Lololol! But, they do look good in each other’s jackets (and Zack with glasses) *_* Also, a bonus kakkoii Jounouchi (fghjklkjhgfghjjhg ♥_♥) and an absolutely adorbs Kaito (KY-saaaan~ ♥). And, Professor Ryouma looking as hawt as ever~ xD