Once again tumblr has proved that they are internally sexist and have no fuckin clue what there talking about. Brie Larson s a great choice to be playing carol.

But Shes skinny

So? Did you see chis before he was cast as captain america. They can obviously buff up. And fuck you for shaming a actress cause she oisent fit the required body type

They should have put kamala as captain marvel

Okay. I love kamala as a pakistani myself i relate to her really well. But Kamala was inspired by carol. Thats a huge part of her origin. So you cant shoe horn her into a movie like that. ts disrepectful to the character to be used as a diversity prop when shes much more then that. I swear the people who say shit like that probably saw an i09 article on how kamala was the first pakistani musim hero and thought they could get brownie points by complaining.


shes 26. Carol Joined the air force when she was 18. This movie could take place in the middle of her career. And need i remind you that originally tony stark made weapons for the Vietnam war? The mcu isnt afraid to change details like that

Becuase of idiots who complain marvel is afraid to make any movie with a female lead. 

i’m just dead. always. at what tony says in this one moment bc it’s so disarmingly simple and kind and the huG but then there’s what it actually means

how many times have superheroes felt like atlas carrying the weight of 192483958 things between saving lives, protecting the world, maintaining their alternate identities and relationships, working jobs and having responsibilities. how many times have superheroes sacrificed what they think are relatively insignificant priorities for world-saving and supervillain-fighting and in the end, felt like they’ve let everyone down. 

tony knew what she needed to hear and knew exactly how to say it and he promises her that it’s true. that even though she might be a hero of the people now and an avenger, making time for herself and her personal life is always going to be okay. this is so important. it’s so important, especially for kamala who’s a young adult and has ten times the amount of pressure and expectation upon her shoulders, to hear that putting herself and her family and her future first is never going to be something she needs to be sorry for.

i just. (*˙︶˙*) tony stark. and his empathy. and how much he cares about people. how much he loves and wants the best for his avengers.