Even If It Is So
  • Even If It Is So
  • Q-Tip
  • Kamaal The Abstract

“She’s in the back room, greasing up, Friday night is heating up
Young cats tricking up, dancing so they give it up
The best girl working there and you know for what it’s worth
She’s working towards a better life, regardless if she’s working nights”

(...and even if she is, I dig her so)

-Even If It Is So. Q-tip.

Kamaal The Abstract.

Barely In Love (Instrumental)
  • Barely In Love (Instrumental)
  • Q-Tip
  • "Barely In Love" 12" inch

“Barely In Love (Instrumental)” by Q-Tip

……this is one of those joints that when it first dropped it took me for a loop but when the album didn’t surface until years later as bootlegs and later on as an official release, tunes like this seems so fresh even though I’ve been diggin’ it from the beginning back in 2002.