Romanian AES 10B (RPK), accessorized by a 4 piece flash hider, a 14mm to 22mm adaptor, a Tula bakelite mag, and a NPSU 1pn34 night vision optic.

The night vision optic is a NPSU 1pn34. It is old and heavy, but still works well in all conditions, save for pitch black. Although not something I look forward to carrying around, it is nonetheless effective from a fixed position. The picture quality takes some getting used to, due to the “fisheye” lens, but becomes second nature with use. It has the daylight filter attached and the image quality suffers from that. In my opinion, the image quality at night is more than functional, and I use the iron sights during the day. It has a battery adaptor to use common AA batteries. The optic can operate for 30 minutes to an hour with fresh batteries.  

The Romanian AES 10B essentially is a semiautomatic RPK.

Episode 107: Rebranding the Mona Lisa
  • Episode 107: Rebranding the Mona Lisa
  • Kind Of A Talk Show
  • 2014

Episode 107: Rebranding the Mona Lisa

This week your hosts discuss names, brands, and pseudonyms, from McDonald’s to matriculation, machine guns to the Middle Kingdom and dole out some handy final exam / sandwich advice, all before answering YOUR audience questions! Featuring a guest appearance by Thomas’s cat Luna.

(You can also listen to the show by left-clicking this link, or right-clicking it and hitting ‘save link as’ to download it or just visit our blog!)

Afghan National Police officers from the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) walk back-to-back holding Kalishnikov rifles as they perform exercises at the QRF base on November 5, 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghan’s security forces are facing challenging times in terms of having the resources they need to secure Kabul and the provinces ahead of the US and NATO’s plan to withdraw forces in 2014. The ANP academy’s new commander is working to fast track the training centres to turn bolster it’s 146,000-strong national police force long riddled with corruption, incompetence and factional rivalries. The Kabul police academy per annum graduates 500 skilled male officers, after 4 years of training, and around 30 women after 6 months of training. Of the different security strategy’s, the police quick reaction force (QRF) and the “ring of steel” checkpoint strategy are designed to protect the capital from internal and external attacks from militants.