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Seriously, the entire show of Big Bang Theory is feminist af. You have Penny, who the running joke is that she’s the dumb blonde, but it’s so much deeper than that. She may not have a doctorate, but she still isn’t helpless. She is tougher than nails, and actually the boys end up needing her strength more than she ever needs them, (i.e teaching them to fish, standing up to their bullies, killing the big spiders) plus she is unapologetically okay with her sexuality and flaunts the hell out of it.

Bernadette, proves that you don’t have to chose to be pretty or smart, but that you can balance both. She’s a bombshell and a damn microbiologist. She flaunts her brain just as much as she does her sexiness. She also plays against the stereotypes that women fall behind men in male dominated fields such as science. She’s tiny but mighty, and in several episodes they have proven that Bernadette is a force to be reckoned with, and most people are afraid of her because she’s efficient, confident, and no nonsense. She isn’t in a leadership position, but will be damned if she’s not a part of a tight ship.

Lastly their is Amy, who is no glam. Can be described as the wallflower, homely, plain Jane of the group. Writers have given her an excess of no sexuality, which helps drive one of their central themes: women are more than sexual,  glamified objects. Amy is all book smart, total brains before beauty, but that’s what makes her amazingly beautiful. She’s a character that proves, you never have to wax/pluck, keep up with fashion trends or primp excessively.

Amy also proves that you don’t need any of that to keep you happy or fulfilled, if that’s not your thing. Amy found fulfillment and happiness in her field, (fucking neurobiology, which the actor actually studied and PhD in) before ever meeting Sheldon Cooper. Amy proves that you don’t have to conform to societal beauty standards to find love, but that your brilliance can make you sexy in someone’s eyes.

This turned into a short analysis essay, but I will not apologize, because these are important tidbits. Especially since I’ve heard people call the show anti feminist, simply because Penny is ‘a hot blonde’. Seriously I love this show for these reasons, the nerd humour is just a giant bonus. You don’t have to like the show, but you do have to respect the writers for being respectful to the fact, that there is more than one type of woman in the world.

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Shenny in The Matrimonial Momentum (Mild Spoilers)

I really don’t understand why no one can see how absolutely perfect Penny and Sheldon are for one another. When Sheldon hears about how terrible Leonard and Penny’s wedding night is going, all of his focus immediately shifts to Penny.

Seriously, it’s as if he’s completely ignoring all of his problems and his pain and instead takes care of her. He takes the time to prepare a hot beverage for her and bring it over to her. He doesn’t even offer one to Leonard. And then Penny and he actually talked about their relationship problems, and for a second I could have sworn that something huge was going to happen between them. It was going in the right direction; if it would have progressed anymore, they could have kissed, or said something to provoke the other’s feelings, I don’t know, but dammit this was really amazing to see.

It really does feel like the writers have been hinting at Shenny all this time and that all of a sudden it will become canon. Just because Leonard and Penny are married now doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Divorces are a part of life and relationships.

I’m even more excited for the Shenny kiss in next week’s episode. If they’re already dishing out this in the first episode, with Leonard and Penny married, who knows what they’ll give us down the road.