Sketches Night Elf eye tattoos. Got bored and did some sketches and this is what i ended up doing. 

My tattoos are the Blades. 


World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge (Day 4): Favorite Race

Elves are one of the longest lived species on Azeroth known for keen perception, grace, and great spellwork. Elves were once believed to be the first race to awaken on Azeroth, but some ancient histories believe that elves were originally trolls transformed by the Well of Eternity.

Priestess Maiev Shadowsong and Shan’do Illidan Stormrage

"altered fate" AU Heroes of the Storm seems to be doing with the skins. :p

Line art by the amazingly talented neva-shadowstalker

Colours/Painting by me. :)