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Opinion on the races of the Alliance?

“The Humans are diverse but all human nations share a certain volatility and baseness of character. Individual dispositions may vary, but these are the qualities one sees time and again in their societies, elected officials, and monarchs. If this is what they select for, that is far more telling than any diversity among individuals.

“The cursed Gilneans are interesting in that they have not gone down the path of Sylvanas and the Forsaken – they show themselves to be committed to self-discipline and coping with their accursed state while keeping touch with their humanity, all of which the Forsaken have chosen to reject. Genn Greymane is, unfortunately, the volatile element letting his personal vendettas determine the fate of a nation. But this is something we see in abundance in human politics.

“Any redeeming qualities our distant Kaldorei brethren may have are rendered moot by their oppression of arcane magic; nor do I approve of their theocracy. How they successfully integrated into the Alliance I cannot quite grasp; it seems at odds with their xenophobic nature and violent rejection of arcane power and its users.

“Dwarves would be tolerable were they not so often caricatures of themselves. Still, they will surprise you with their propensity for political acumen and scholarly bent. I would give my wisdom teeth for access to the Hall of Explorers.

“Gnomes… can anything actually be said about Gnomes? But really, I am at a complete loss for any sense of their cultural identity or motivations. The most they have to offer the Alliance is their technology, which is notoriously unstable and unreliable. And so I have little to say about Gnomes.

“I find the Draenei most fascinating by far. Interworld travelers with unique technologies and magics, millennia of experience and potentially ancient lifespans – unfortunately more victims of racial fealty-servitude. As the Trolls and Tauren to the Orcs, so the Draenei to the Naaru and puritanic devotion to the Light. I will not condemn the late Prince for our opportunistic aggression against the Draenei, but I do lament that our races had not met in less desperate times.”

The first time I went to Kalimdor I got lost, my character was a female sin'dorei mague. For two hours I had been spinning around until I noticed that a male Kaldorei Druid was following me, then I stopped and turned to see him. He saluted me and then jumped several times in one direction, so I began to follow him. After five minutes we were near a horde camp, then he said goodbye to me and left. Since then I always help IF I can the alliance players.

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I’m so happy that the relentless gladiator weapons from WotLK are available in the game again, since I didn’t get them back in the day. I bitch-farmed marks of honor to get this staff and it’s perfect for my mog. ♥
Oh and my priest is now a night elf. I think I can finally settle down. Her name is Velarise Silverbough. c: