Kakashi Hatake

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  • Our next gut buster is Kakashi “I’ll steal yo bitch with your own moves” Hatake
  • Now he was my first Naruto daddy
  • While all you other hoes was chasing after Sasuke’s lonely ass I was thirsting after the copycat ninja.

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  • Now I just know Kakashi was on some freaky shit idc what ya’ll say
  • This nigga was always reading them damn porn books 
  • You really think he wasn’t trying any of that shit
  • I just know he’ll have me seeing the promise land.

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  • Can we please talk about the best fucking fight of the fucking series.
  • Like bitch when I say this fight had everything in it 
  • Emotions, good hand to hand combat, different types of jutsus, and story/flashbacks
  • I could honestly say I was rooting for both of them 

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  • Bitch when I say I was crunk asf when I finally saw his face
  • Like I already knew he was fine asf like it was noway possible that he could have been ugly
  • I am yet to see an ugly anime character with white hair
  • Now don’t quote me on that shit cause a bitch might be wrong.
  • But bitch I would gladly toss the pussy at him like a shuriken
  • Bitch look at that fucking buffet, I would gobble the dick without a care

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  • No matter how old Kakashi gets them hands never age 
  • He was serving niggas double his age when he was in the anbu
  • And the crazy thing about is he’s cool asf
  • Like he legit reminds me of that chill ass family friend that you’ll diffidently fuck if given the chance. 
  • It’s always the chill ones that knock you the fuck out with the quickness

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  • Do you see how fine he looks 
  • That’s how you look when you’re unproblematic 
  • My nigga aged like fucking wine
  • I would gladly be his fucking sugar baby with no complaint
  • And he wouldn’t even have to give me money, I just want the dick bitch
  • I could see myself now, getting my guts rearranged in the Hokage office 

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  • Like omg I just can’t like he needs some stress relief in his life 
  • And I’m right here with open arms and legs
  • Shout out to New York

I don’t know who i want to do next so give ya girl some ideas

Sasuke: lol my bad for befriending orochimaru since he did kill the hokage and destroyed the leaf village that one time :// and also my bad for planning a terrorist attack on the leaf village :// and I’m really sorry for not trying to prevent the war since I was associates with the akatsuki :/ anyway, my besties said I’m free to go. K bye 🤪

the rest of team taka: lol and our bad for following him around and being accomplices 😂

Orochimaru: yeah lol and I’m kinda bored of the leaf now anyway :// so no need to worry about me causing any more trouble! ttyl see you around the village 😘

If shikamaru was hokage: