Top 5 things to do in Kajaani

5. Kajaanin Anttila
A natural meeting place for those who wish to shop at a generic department store found  anywhere in the country. Always has the ripest avocados in town.

4. Architecture
The architecture of Kajaani follows the old mantra of “form follow function”, but it’s never a good idea to just go knocking on doors randomly and demand to be let in and see this for yourself. It’s no good being a dick, even if you are into architecture.

3. Dog breeding contest
Every saturday the locals meet at the market square to watch their dogs make sweet little puppies. Noone really remembers anymore when this pastime started, but the winner of the contest is traditionally awarded with a fun “breeding hat”.

2. Scandic hotel Kajanus
A must place to stay if visiting Kajaani. Apart from having “outdoor parking” and a “planned Ecolabel” it has 177 rooms for non-smokers as well as four rooms for those who wish to puff away through the night in the privacy of their own room. That’s considered a luxury these days, you know.

1. S-market
Anttila may have the avocados, but we just heard S-market is getting in a shipment of tasty papaya next week straight from the tropics. A tough contender for Anttila, and yet another reason why Kajaani is so often called the Fruit Capital of Finland!

2017 IIHF World Championships Finland Roster


#10 Roope Hintz (H.I.F.K./Tampere)

#22 Sakari Manninen (Hameenlinnan Pallokerho/Oulu)

#27 Markus Hannikainen (Columbus Blue Jackets/Helsinki)

#34 Olli Palola (Vaxjo Lakers/Oulu)

#39 Jesse Puljujarvi (Bakersfield Condors/Helsinki)

#41 Antti Pihlstrom (Jokerit/Vantaa)

#50 Juhamatti Aaltonen (H.I.F.K./Ii)

#62 Oskar Osala (Metallurg Magnitogorsk/Vaasa)

#96 Mikko Rantanen (Colorado Avalanche/Nouisianen)


#15 Miro Aaltonen (H.C. Vityaz/Joensuu)

#20 Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes/Rauma)

#23 Joonas Kemppainen (H.C. Sibir Novosibirsk Oblast/Kajaani)

#37 Mika Pyorala (Oulun Karpat/Oulu)

#40 Tommi Sallinen (H.C. Kunlun Red Star/Espoo)

#51 Valtteri Filppula (Philadelphia Flyers/Vantaa)


#4 Tommi Kivisto (Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg/Vantaa)

#5 Lasse Kukkonen (Oulun Karpat/Oulu)

#6 Topi Jaakola (Jokerit/Oulu)

#7 Veli-Matti Viitasmaki (Ilves/Tampere)

#36 Joonas Jarvinen (H.C. Kunlun Red Star/Oulu)

#38 Juuso Hietanen (H.C. Dynamo Moscow/Hameenlinna)

#47 Ville Lajunen (Jokerit/Helsinki)

#53 Atte Ohtamaa (H.C. Ak Bars/Nivala)

#60 Julius Honka (Dallas Stars/Jyvaskyla)


#30 Harri Sateri (H.C. Vityaz/Toijala)

#31 Juha Metsola (H.C. Amur/Tampere)

#32 Joni Ortio (Skelleftea A.I.K./Turku)

And spring opened the door

SSSS - Any - Original Finnish river navigator - remote locations

Winter has bedded down again. For a while.

The ice has splintered, cracked like an egg, set the lake and rivers free-flowing. The birds have come back, and the sun. Kajaani has come alive.

The thaw has stirred other things. It always does.

Seija breathes the air, takes it in, tastes it. Sharp and cold but not half as chilled as it was a week ago, even a day ago. A smoky tang tells her that clearance across the lake has already started.

Spring is short here, far shorter than she’d like, briefer than it would be if she had anything to say about it. They don’t have much time. She doesn’t have much time.

If all goes well, her convoy will leave tomorrow.

Along the lake, then down the river, slipping out in their quick boats through a land some call silent. But it’s hardly silent at all. The air there is filled with the shouting of rapids, the banks stirring with who-knows-what.

It’ll all be cleansed eventually. Some day. Or so they say. So Keuruu says. So she heard the last time she was down there. When was that? Two years ago. Three.

Seija will believe it when she sees it. They say a lot of things in Keuruu, and most of it is bullshit. She can’t remember the last time anyone from down there came up here, saw Kajaani for themselves. Too difficult to get here, they said. It’s too much of a risk. Radio contact will have to do.

Not “you’re on your own”. That isn’t what they say down there. Not in so many words. But everyone knows the truth – that they should think themselves lucky to have any contact. That they should be grateful for the tiny sliver of funding allotted to them.

She turns to go, slip inside. There are things she needs to tend to. Check things over, all of it. Her personal effects, and the trade goods, and the travel permits. The bundle of mail bound for Luleå.

This evening she will say her goodbyes. Her brother will cling to her like he always does, and her mother will look pale and troubled, like she always does.

They all know that this time could be the last. Or the next. Or the one after that.

It doesn’t matter.

As long as she lives and the river flows, she’ll ride it again.

anonymous asked:

Niko is a cutie and I love him,.. Could you maybe tell us more about him?? Friends, family, favourite stuff?

Aaah, I’m glad you like him! <3 I always appreciate hearing stuff like this. (Of course, the lovely art by Kiraly & others helps highlight how adorable he is. ;p ) I’ll throw a few things under the cut; pardon if it’s a little disorganized, I have a lot of thoughts to sort through here. xD

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My book “Block” will be published by Kehrer Verlag on September 1st. 

The Book Launch at F5.6 -club, 1.9.2015.
Kansallisteatterin lavaklubi, Läntinen Teatterikuja 1, Helsinki Finland. 



“Next Generation”: 9.9. – 13.9.2015 Cable Factory, Helsinki

“Kainuu Project”: 9.9.2015 – 23.9.2015 Gallery Lasipalatsi, Helsinki
“Kainuu Project”: 1.10.2015 – 22.11.2015 Kajaani Art Museum