Vocaloid Summary
  • Miku:everyone loves me cause I sing amazing
  • Kaito:I really like ice cream and everyone ships me and miku.
  • Rin:voice and personality vary from cute innocent twin to creepy ass bitch
  • Len:if I could live through one song that'd be amazing
  • Kiyoteru:I have like 3 sides to my life and 2 of them are being badass
  • Kaai Yuki:soft cute voice and is 9 years old. Gets lemon fanfics written about
  • Miki:looks like japanese captain America
  • Piko:IM NOT A SHOTA!!
  • Chika:I'm the last v3 Vocaloid and people mistake me for Chica from FNAF
  • IA:beautiful flowing hair like just look at that shit
  • Gachapoid:everyone says I sound like a mouse
  • Teto:I know I'm an UTAU GET OVER IT
  • Mayu:omg you're so cute! *hugs and smashes axe into your back*
  • CUL:I have a nasily voice and my box art sucks
  • Luka:TUNA
  • Gumi:%627 awesome
The Signs As Vocaloids ♡

Aries: Meiko

Taurus: Kaito Shion

Gemini: Kagamine Rin

Cancer: Yuzuki Yukari

Leo: Gumi Megpoid

Virgo: V Flower

Libra: Megurine Luka

Scorpio: Gakupo Kamui

Sagittarius: Hatsune Miku

Capricorn: Kagamine Len

Aquarius: Lily

Pisces: IA Aria on the Planetes