Hinamatsuri (or Girls’ Day) is today! I don’t really celebrate it, but it’s something I remember being informed of when I was little. Little doll sets and everything. Boys’ Day is in May and they get the carps, I like carps. And then someone just decided to combine everything into Children’s Day on Boys’ Day. It’s complicated.

So if not Hinamatsuri, this is spring-themed. That counts.

uh I can explain. starsweptdreamer and I were talking about hoiw there aren’t any fuzzy woodland creatures aon an island so Kairi probably communicates with sea creatures… Like sea gulls and crabs and sharks (no sharks pictured here).

I am a trash artists and it’s fun as hell.

edit: I’m aware that the crabs on the top aren’t dancing, I missed thos frames and then I accidentally closed my image program before I could fix it so…yeah. They’re tired.