Kaisoo Band (non) au Fanfics

OK so I am going to see EXO in a few weeks and I can’t stand waiting!!! So in honor of seeing Kaisoo happen in real life with my own eyes (but not camera because WTF no pics? Does that even make sense that you can’t photo a concert?) I am making a non au list. This is part 8 of nonau, here is the last one (part 7) that has links to the rest, so i don’t have to do it again. After this I am going to be on hiatus for about a month, so enjoy!

you’re making me sick, love: Complete one shot, Kyungsoo is secretly in love with jongin and just deals with it and doesn’t say anything, but he begins to suffer more and more from holding it in

My Love: one shot When Kyungsoo isn’t feeling good he kind of takes it out on Jongin, but Jongin lets him

Access: one shot  Jongin is excited about all the zippers on Kyungsoo’s pants, and makes use of them when the band is resting backstage.

the five kinds of truth part 1/ part 2: Ongoing, but the sections feel kind of like one shots, The first Jongin is so tired and worn out, and Kyungsoo helps him and brings him warmth, and the second Jongin is cute and insecure and jealous but feels like he shouldn’t be.

fading, but I never: Ongoing  his is after EXO breaks up and Jongin had an accident dancing and is disabled, and is avoiding talking to Kyungsoo

Free fall with me : one shot fluff, Jongin and Kyungsoo have their first kiss

Tell your baby what you want: One shot, After a photo shoot Jongin teases Kyungsoo, and then later they finally hook up, mostly pwp with top soo

Leave the light on: one shot  Kyungsoo is having sex with everyone except Jongin, who he wants

Hold this moment: one shot fluff, Jongin loses control and touches his forehead to Kyungsoo during a music win, and then worries later he went too far

Intoxicated/ Thirsty: Both one shots, Kyungsoo gets drunk and he and Jongin finally hook up, the sequel is that Kyungsoo gets sick, and then Jongin gets sick, and they are cute.

Your love is contagious: one shot, Jongin spends the day taking care of sick Kyungsoo

But it’s dangerous, whatever it is: drabble, Kyungsoo is worried about Jongin, but they don’t take it further

Drift away: One shot. Jongin and Kyungsoo are lying in bed talking about their feelings for each other and how they came to be together.

Something else: one shot fluff, jongin tells Kyungsoo he wants a kiss for his birthday

I’ll be your prince (of tennis) One shot  Jongin is jealous he didn’t know about Kyungsoo liking prince of tennis

The problematic guilt one shot  -Kyungsoo helps Jongin with his dancing, and then they hook up

imperfections: drabble sleepy Jongin


Kaido Racer Donut drift in Japan.
Toyota Cresta GX71

“Kaisoo is just fanservice” 

You want to see fanservice? This is

want to see what isn’t? 

he checked to see if the camera was still on. 

yes nini sit on my boner Soo Man said so.

im just gonna sincerely call you pretty out of no where

its an award show of course it was rehearsed everything they are doing they were told to do -_-

let me jack off your thumb it was in the script 

fuck youre perfect and i love to stare at you no homo tho

eat that sandwhich   like you eat my dick   oh yes

thats a nice dick you got there bro no homo 

 *ksoo grabs ninis waist, nini turns around and sees it ksoo*

*lets him stay there*

*time to go but ksoo wants to hold on just a second longer*

are there scrips for backstage too?

jealousy is obviously something they have to fake off and on stage

quick! let me grab your dick 

There are many more gifts I could have put in but ofc you’ll just have to request it c; nah jk I wouldn’t want a certain kaisoo blog to block me if i made this too long.