Yes, guys, to get it through your head, Jongin does look at members the same way. 

When their giving speeches / talking you cant blame him for being proud

but what makes it different is that to Kyungsoo, Jongin doesn’t need a reason to stare because kyung just being his bf makes jong so proud

theres no reason Jongin shouldn’t be facing the camera right now

Kyung wasn’t doing anything

All Kyung did was smile?

Why are you giggling Jongin

Kyung wasn’t even the one talking at that time yet theres Jongin-

He JusT WANts TO eAT

While the other member was acting out something, you’d expect all attention to be on the other but Jongin only focused on Kyung

What was so interesting that got Jongins full attention

Chanyeol noticed too

“HyonG es So kYoot”

Wasn’t talking

let the man walk

internally crying because ksoo is giving xiu attention 

kyung looks

jong looks away

haha hyung youre so cute walking

not my edit

im just gonna stare at ksoo instad of the camera like the other members

omg the back of your head is just as beautiful as the front


Jongin grabbed Kyungsoo so fast oh my god

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151114 EXO @ EXO’luXion in Osaka |Kai & D.O.

Jongin casually catching Kyungsoo by his suspender and Kyungsoo side hugging Jongin WOW my KaiSoo heart!!!!!!