The video of d.o helping kai you all were looking for.

Exordium day 2: 160723

Kaisoo moments 

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Hi! I wonder do you know some fics where kaisoo get caught in act ^^? thank you alot !

i hope all of you have clear skin after witnessing the greatness that is exordium

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video cr. @ yourday_exo

we should all understand that ji needs his rest ok? don’t be upset or sad, lets just continue to cheer him on and show our support

that said here’s kaisoo living up to their nickname as the behind the scenes couple as they leave the venue together (you can see ji crutches) and possibly going to the hospital together ;)

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may i think i'm going crazy. i truly believed that kaisoo is indeed romantically involved but eversince kxk i just feel like ji does still look like ksoo with adoration in his eyes but he also looks tired as well like he just had enough. and ksoo, he just still cares about ji as well but they just have this distance and does't exude the same vibe as well. lmfao do u have any opinion on this?

This gives a total opposite impression of what you just said, but okay.