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Could I request got7 reaction to being caught making out or clearly signalling they want to do "the do" with their gf/wife at a family reunion or something like that?

i will do this as if you are their gf <3

Mark: BRO HES ALREADY SO SHY HED BE SO SHY OKAY he’d apologize again and again dude i love him he’s so sweet

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Jaebum: he’d be shy too, muttering out an “oh, sorry” and looking away

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Jackson: though he’d be surprised that he got caught, he’d play it off smoothly; grinning and saying a simple “hi” to the family member before leaving quickly.

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Jinyoung: uhhh this is so hard..i can’t imagine him doing this…idk he’d probably shrug it off, slyly explaining that you were just too beautiful, he couldn’t help himself

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Bambam: i know it doesn’t seem like it, but i feel he’d be a little embarrassed. he’d probably say hi to the member, trying to act cool but end up falling back embarrassed lmao i love him so much ahh

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Yugyeom: “it was just a kiss hehe she’s so pretty you should be proud” “don’t worry we’re still innocent” 

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reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.

Haechan Drabble #1

Title: Haechan Drabble #1

Author: Donghyuck’s whipped slave, Admin Kay

Artist: Donghyuck/Haechan (NCT)

Genre: Humor

Request: Donghyuck for 13 & 19 please (from our drabble list here where requests will be open bc kyun and I have time to kill, this applies for nct and mx)

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“Hey babe, where’s Jisung? I turned and he disappeared.” I said.

“I don’t know, he said he was going somewhere but I don’t remember where.” He said looking around.

“Donghyuck,” I sighed.

“I’m sorry. I lost our baby.” He said while holding on to your hand.

“You really need to stop calling him our baby. This is why he runs away.”

“No, I run away because you guys are mushy and embarrassing.” I hear from a voice behind me.

“Jisung why are you hiding in a clothes rack?” I asked, confused.

“As I said before, mushy and embarrassing. I also wanted to see if you guys would notice I was gone. I’m happy you did noona, because Donghyuck-hyung was a lost cause from the get-go.” 

“Park Jisung when we get home your ass is gonna get beat.” Donghyuck said, squinted his eyes and sizing up his dongsaeng. 

“DONGHYUCK.” I scolded.

You’re satan, hyung. You’re nice though noona, why do you stay with this reincarnation of satan?”

“Jisung, don’t talk about him that way. He has some redeeming qualities.” I said.

“Just when I thought I finally had someone to have my back,” Donghyuck pouted, “she goes and insults me in front of Jisung.”

“At least he’s cute, funny, and will cuddle me.” I went on, speaking over Hyuck.

“Nevermind, I love you Y/N, more than Mark-hyung.” He said, latching on to my shoulders.

“I’m telling Mark-hyung.” Jisung taunted.

“You better sleep with one eye open, you coconut head.” Donghyuck threatened. 

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¿Quién es el guapo de tu icon? ^^

oh you mean this cutie?

you mean this hot ass ????

he, my dear friend es el actor chris wood, quien sale en supergirl, estuvo en containment, tambien en the carrie diaries pero lo conocimos en the vampire diaries cuando hizo al sociopata mas guapeton y adorable de Kai Parker. 

Salio en la temporada 6 y luego no salio mas hasta ahora, la ultima temporada de TVD y su regreso fue glorioso, le dio la vida que le faltaba a TVD.