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Dear person I like and Dear person I have a crush on (JST CAUSE I SAW YOU FLAILING BEFORE)

Oh mah Krisus Q.Q I slightly hate you right now. Like really? Ugh -blushes like crazy- FINE!

Dear person I like/a crush on,

You make me feel all plokjqwsxdkjsd and gooy over the smallest things. We haven’t even known each other long, but I already feel so comfortable with you. I feel like I could talk to you all day, every day and never get bored. I’d be happy to just lie and cuddle in your arms for hours on end, even if we didn’t speak a word. No matter what you say you ARE THE CUTEST simply for the fact that you deny it so much. You’re adorable, and sweet, and goofy, and dorky, and I’m really glad I started talking to you. If you see any of this you’ll probably know who you are but just like ignore it. Please! OTL I’ll kill Kai for making me do this later on so….yeah. I’m too tired to think of anything else to say.

Love, Lulu

lol people are rippin' on exo's comeback.

nignogs hating on the entire album just because the title track doesn’t sound as great as you expected it to be. so your oppars for once didnt meet your expectations. suck it up; and how could you be hatING ON THIS ALBUM OMFG ‘MY LADY’ AND 'BABY DONT CRY’ AND 'PETER PAN’ OK. no. fuck you all, exo’s album is amazing and i want it, i can always skip the wolf track ok. fuck you all.

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Dear Kai!

Dear Kai!

You’re so cute and adorable and I just wanna pinch your cheeks and oikjhwsedikjwedf And you admitted it so you can’t say no! You’re an amazing, awesome, intelligent, creative person. I absolutely love being around you even though a lot of our conversations is gibberish. You’re just a very fascinating and interesting person to talk to. And you need to talk to me more again, ya brat! T.T I miss you and I miss hanging out with you and it’s been too long since we randomly went somewhere. So, come bug my ask box or bug me on MSN. You know I’m always around. And I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. About anything. Oh and did I mention you’re adorable? Because you really are. My cuuuute adorable husband with the touchable face -nods- I luuuub yoooou!

Love, Madame Lu~