“When you smile I am undone”



“Look at my son!”

“Pride is not the word I’m looking for”

“There is so much more inside me now”

Happy Birthday Keith Kogane!!!!

10/23 🎈🎁🎂

I need an actor au with Voltron where the cast celebrates finishing up season 1 by marathoning the show in their pjs making dumb commentary throughout the entire thing
It’s all over their snapchat stories

Like I’m imagining them watching the part where Lance gets hurt from the explosion and Shiro yells “LANCE MCCLAIN HAS BEEN FOUND DEAD IN MIAMI” followed by Keith yelling “OH MY GOD IS HE OKAY????” And in unison, everyone except Lance, “NO HES FUCKING DEAD”

It’s a fun time everyone is happy

Voltron writer: hey guys, we should make Voltron put on a show and tour! Haha with iceskating! Coran could be their cut throat manager! That would be so awesome!

Producer: yeah that’s nice, but Keith would never agree to that. And Coran being cut throat is pretty out of character.

Voltron writer: …

Voltron writer: what if coran was on drugs and keith took a vacation

Producer: [slams a fist on the table] we found our season 4

Pidge, looking at alien chick: man that chick’s so hot…

Lance: …well tell her, not me-

Pidge: I can’t just-

Lance: *suddenly walks over to Keith and pats his shoulder* by the way I think you’re hot as hell


Pidge: whoahohoho

Lance, looking back at Pidge: SEE ITS THAT EASY

Keith: … *existential crisis*