HAZE DAZE FANGAME UPDATE @haze-daze-fangame

Here you go, the first half of sprites is done ~~Numbers 5 to 9~~
These are not ALL the expressions okay :^) The other half is almost ready, just Kido to go~~

Full view: Momo - Ene - Shintaro - Hibiya - Konoha

Fandoms List

I’ll put this here, in case someone is curious about it.
This ones are my most strong fandoms, things that I usually draw, or things that I would like to draw more :’D

- Ao no Exorcist
- Assassination Classroom
- Arakawa Under the Bridge

- Boku no Hero Academia
- Bleach

- Danganronpa
- Durarara!!

- Gintama

- Haikyuu!!

- Kagerou Project
- Kill la Kill
- Kuroko no Basket

- Mob Psycho 100

- One Piece
- One Punch Man
- Osomatsu-san

- Pokémon

- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Soul Eater

- Undertale

- Tokyo Ghoul

- Vocaloid


[Kagerou Daze -in a day’s-] BEFORE and AFTER