whoops my fingers slipped

A little thing I thought of… How are you like each of the Mekakushi Dan? Reblog with your own answers, maybe?
For me:

I seem to have a weak presence and can be in a room for fifteen minutes without people realizing I’m there. I’m also pretty manly, in control of my emotions and try to think of things in a logical way.

Seto: Hm… my favorite color is green? lol I used to love nature but I don’t anymore, though some things can be really interesting and I love especially unique scenery (mostly because it’s inspirational for writing though)
I try to be the innocent bright light everywhere hahah

Kano: As much as I wish I were like Kano, I’m not that much. I kind of act like him sometimes online, though.
I think I’m getting better at lying tho

Marry: not at all honestly
I guess we’re both quiet?

Momo: again, not at all

Ene: I am Ene
lol online, I’m hyper and probably pretty annoying. But in real life, I’m quiet, usually tired and people who don’t talk to me probably think I look upset. I even look like Takane (short, dark-haired and flat)

Shintaro: who isn’t Shintaro honestly
I’m almost a hikikomori and a NEET (not quite either of them, but getting close)
I spend all my time on the computer and I do have high intelligence.

Hibiya: I honestly have no idea what’s going on
in general

Konoha: sleep
I just want to have fun with my friends–
but I have no friends because I am Shintaro