kimurnis-squids  asked:

Headcanons about Dan sleepovers?

Aaaaaaah! Sorry for being so late to reply! But here I am, ready to write some headcanons! Hope you’ll like those. (I haven’t done any real sleepovers for years so sorry by advance if it’s not that good ><).

Mekakushi Dan

  • Kido wanted to cook diner for the sleepover. Momo had to explain that she should just chill for once. And that she already called the pizzeria down town so it’s too late.
  • Kano wanted to watch a horror movie. But Kido and Shintaro strongly disagree.
  • A video games marathon before eating. Haruka had to calm Takane down each time Shintaro beats her at a game.
  • Shintaro drinking soda, as always.
  • Momo and Haruka ate two pizzas each. And after, they were still hungry to eat snacks.
  • “You’ll get fat” Shintaro to Momo, probably.
  • “Everything goes to her chest” Kano before being kicked out of the room by Kido, probably.
  • “Why am I here, again?” Hibiya, at some point. But he remembered as soon as he saw Hiyori smiling with Momo.
  • Marry’s tea with the snacks is a must.
  • Playing some old board games that Ayano brought. And she was the one winning almost everytime.
  • Seto suggested a midnight walk. They had to remember Kano not to talk loudly because people actually sleep at this time of the night.
  • They lost Haruka while walking outside. So the midnight walk turned into a where-is-Haruka. He was actually stargazing on a bench.
  • If it wasn’t for Hibiya’s ability, Haruka would still be missing.
  • They went back home just after, not wanting to lose him again.
  • If it’s raining, then it would be Netflix time.
  • Do NOT let the remote near of Kano. Kido would keep an eye on him to make sure he does not change the movie.
  • Kano refused to let Shintaro siting next to Ayano so he sat between them.
  • Haruka fell asleep in the middle of the movie. And Takane screamed about the fact that she was not a pillow. It did not even wake him up. Marry took a photo of the scene.
  • Momo eating all the snacks since Haruka was asleep.
  • Seto was so concentrate that he went silent. The only one really focusing on what was happening.
  • Hibiya and Hiyori questioned the coherence of the scenario.
  • Sleeping time! Ayano decided to put some blankets on the floor along with some pillows, so they could all sleep together.

Sleeping bonus :

  • Haruka was huging Takane as if she was a plushy. She actually enjoyed it.
  • Marry looked like a ball of hair.
  • Kido almost did not move. But she had the legs of Momo on her.
  • Seto was tangled with a blanket.
  • Ayano had no blanket but was still sleeping peacefully with her pillow.
  • Hiyori was actually clunching at Hibiya’s arm.
  • Shintaro and Kano was hugging during their sleep. And they screamed when they woke up.