[Ch 234 spoilers]

k sorry i’m kagehina spiraling SUPER HARD over 234 right now (what a shock) but:

in every shot of Kageyama when there’s a pause in the game, he is looking up, getting his perception and precision back to 100%, he’s utterly focused on that, because it is key to nailing that one toss he needs to make work –

and when he DOES, the first thing he does is APOLOGIZE. lijalseijfal this boy apologizes (again) for not being flawlessly perfect in an unknown situation right off the bat. 

And given his tacit acknowledgment of Hinata’s TOSS TO ME psychic brainwaves that he’s shooting out when he gets back on the court

and the fact that that’s exactly what Kageyama does the moment he feels like his precision is back, it can definitely be inferred he’s apologizing right to Hinata, first and foremost, after messing up their first couple of tosses that Hinata still went for, because he trusts Kageyama utterly, and doesn’t care if they both have to fuck up at first in order to get it right. (Kags is facing the rest of the team though, so I think it is both a “sorry” to Hinata, but also to the rest of them, because contrary to popular belief, Tobio really isn’t arrogant. He’s just a very intense blueberry.)

In conclusion: I love that we get Kageyama telling his small, trusting partner that he is sorry for making him wait around – and look at Hinata’s face as he basks in the glow of their successful quick

The CROWD ISN’T CLAPPING, no one is cheering, they are stunned into silence in the panels directly before this. Hinata isn’t acknowledging the cheers, he is just radiating fulfillment at knowing Kageyama got it handled, and at receiving what he is owed, aka TOBIO’S COMPLETE AND UTTER FOCUS AND DEDICATION to their partnership. 

(And perfect tosses.)

  • Me: You know what? I'm tired of hiding my love for my otps, I'm tired of always hiding in fear of being judged because I ship the gay. I WON'T STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE. THIS. ENDS. NOW. From now on we shall stand, we shall print fanart on our shirts, we will put fanart on our phone, we will put the otp as our lock screen and not care who sees! We will-
  • Person: Hey can I borrow your phone?
  • Me: *erases files of otps, swipes away the saved fan fiction, exits out of Ao3, AFF, F.net, Wattpad, and Devianart, changes lock screen to generic flowers, changes home screen to generic cheesy quote, deletes tumblr and instagram*
  • Me: *cough* Of course

Who is Jose?!