Shoma’s Q&A from the Cutting Edge 2012 magazine

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Q1: Treasures that you cherish the most?

A: Itsuki (my little brother), my friends, and my teammates from the Grand Prix Tokai Figure Skating Club.

Q2: Things you want right now?

A: Time, height, and Doraemon’s pocket.

Q3: Your hero/idol?

A: Daisuke Takahashi, Ryo Ishikawa, and Takahiko Kozuka.

Q4: Favourite women? (In any way!)

A: Mao Asada, Kanako Murakami, Coach Machiko Yamada, and Coach Mihoko Higuchi.

Q5: Songs you sing at karaoke/songs you like?

A: Butterfly by Kaela Kimura, and Baby by Justin Bieber.

Q6: Favourite singers?

A: Arashi, Kaela Kimura, and Justin Bieber.

Q7: Things you buy often at the convenience store?

A: Yoghurt, chocolate, and milk.

Q8: Favourite alcohol (soft drinks)?

A: Milk, mango juice, and hot chocolate.

Q9: Dishes you are good at making?

A: N/A

Q10: Your favourite dishes from your mother?

A: Salty rice balls, lemon covered in maple syrup, and sukiyaki.

Q11: Your favourite competitions?

A: JGP, Japanese Novice Nationals, and Japanese Junior Nationals.

Kimura Kaela to release new single “HOLIDAYS” in May!

Kaela’s coming out with a new single titled “HOLIDAYS” on May 10th!

the single will come in two versions: a Limited Edition CD+DVD version (featuring 30 minutes of content, including the PV for “Holidays) and a Regular Edition CD-Only version. the CD will contain 4 songs total.